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Here’s What Happens When an Algorithm Determines Your Work Schedule

Vice - Feb 25, 2020

In the retail, hospitality, and food service industries, employees often work long and unpredictable hours—increasingly scheduled by algorithms that analyze seasonal sales patterns, customer trends, and even the weather to determine their shifts. These algorithmic systems have come under heavy scrutiny in recent years, pressuring employers and software vendors to present workers with more choice and flexibility.

How to build a sustainable team and grow your business

Sage Advice - Feb 24, 2020

Want to achieve your business goals? If you build a sustainable team, you can go a long way to succeeding.

Through my job, I have the privilege of working with a wide variety of small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) founders and management teams.

The Power of Putting People First

Forbes - Feb 24, 2020

Work is always evolving — everyday almost. However there are specific moments in history that fundamentally shift the way we view the world of work as a society. These are called revolutions.

Bundy Clocks won’t save the underpayment crisis

The Australian Financial Review - Feb 24, 2020

At tech company Deputy, employees can clock on for work using an iPad, facial recognition technology, their smartphone or watch, an SMS or Amazon’s Alexa.

Ashik Ahmed, co-founder of the workplace management software company, strongly believes there are benefits to asking his staff to let the boss know when they start work, but it’s not because he advocates a culture of clock-watching.

Business In:Brief with Ashik Ahmed (Deputy) - Feb 24, 2020

Ashik is CEO, CTO and co-founder of Deputy, the homegrown workforce management solution that’s pegged to be Australia’s next tech unicorn. Deputy automates staff scheduling as well as time and attendance management so that business owners can focus on growing their businesses.

Balancing the Grind With Ashik Ahmed, CEO & Co-Founder of Deputy

Balancing the Grind - Feb 24, 2020

Ashik Ahmed is the CEO and co-founder of Deputy, a homegrown workforce management solution pegged to be Australia’s next tech unicorn.

How to prepare your retail store for new challenges in 2020

Retail Insider - Feb 02, 2020

There’s never been a more exciting time to be a player in the retail industry than today. With the pessimism of the Global Financial Crisis slowly becoming a blurred memory, consumption has experienced a significant revival. Also, shopping is no longer about just walking into a store, picking some items from the shelves and paying as you leave. It’s an experience that’s closely integrated into the fabric of the consumer’s everyday life.

It is the needless complexity of super that is killing compliance

The Australian - Jan 17, 2020

Advancing technology will go a long way to closing the gap on noncompliance. Time-in-attendance platforms such as Deputy are providing a digital solution to ensuring employee clock-on and clock-off times are registered properly and that those employees are paid in accordance with their award or enterprise agreement rules. Industry bodies such as the Franchise Council of Australia have an expert employment relations hotline its members can call to check award rates and conditions.

Why aren’t waiters given the respect or salary they deserve?

The Guardian - Jan 16, 2020

According to a 2019 study by the workforce management platform Deputy, staff turnover in hospitality is 30% a year – twice the UK average – with unsociable working hours, low pay and lack of prospects cited as the top three reasons for quitting. “It’s a bit chicken-and-egg, isn’t it?” says Richard, a 25-year-old marketing director from Dorset who, like so many people, worked in pubs before ending up in an office. “You aren’t valued, so you’re demotivated, so you aren’t valued.”

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