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Scheduling & team management excellence

Save hours on scheduling, reduce your labor costs and create an amazing employee experience. Deputy makes it easy to build cost-efficient schedules and share them with your team instantly.

Compliance and Fair Workweek

Simplify labor law compliance as your business grows

Streamline compliance with meal breaks, Fair Workweek, and other wage and hour laws, so your business can run smoothly.

The Power of Digital Employee Scheduling

Many American businesses are still relying on manual, inefficient processes like pen, paper, and error-prone spreadsheets to manage their teams. If you’re one of these businesses, learn how a digital scheduling solution can be a game-changer for your organization. Download now Download now
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Run your teams remotely without missing a thing

Manage schedules, timesheets and team communication anywhere, on any device. Deputy is optimized for iPhone, iPad, Android, and desktop — employees seriously love our app.

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Use AI to create the perfect schedule in a single click

Schedule all the right people and avoid overspending on labor. Deputy’s AI-powered auto-scheduling creates the smartest possible schedule to meet demand and your specific needs.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is scheduling software?

    Scheduling software makes it simpler to manage hourly and salaried employees. Deputy’s scheduling software helps schedule team members according to their availability, time off, and skills, while giving managers full visibility over wage costs for an efficient schedule.

  • How do I use this calculator?

    You complete the fields to the left, and on the right side, it will calculate the money and time that you can save by using Scheduling Software such as Deputy. The savings are calculated based on the salary of the person scheduling in your business now and how much time they spend creating schedules.

  • What information does this calculator provide?

    Based on your inputs, this calculator provides you with an estimated monthly and annual cost savings on scheduling as well as the number of hours you can save per year by using Deputy.

  • How can Deputy's scheduling software reduce labor costs?

    With Deputy's Demand Forecasting feature, you can plan your staffing to match peaks and valleys in demand and reduce unnecessary costs. Our software also gives you clear visibility over your wage spend and how it compares to your forecasted sales, so you can achieve an ideal labor cost percentage.

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