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Manage employee details

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Keep track of all your team’s documents in one place 

and save hours on employee admin.

Request documents with Deputy Document Management

Bring all your team's documents together

No more piles of paperwork. Easily collect signed contracts, certifications, and any other documents over your team member’s journey. Always know where everything is, exactly when you need it.

Upload documents with Deputy Document Management

Ensure certifications and licenses are up to date

Have peace of mind that training certificates, right-to-work documents, and licences are valid — without having to chase them up yourself. Deputy automatically reminds employees to update their documents before expiry.

Store documents with Deputy Document Management

Feel confident that your team’s data is protected

Keep your data secure. Deputy is certified against ISO27001 standards for data security compliance. With best-in-class encryption and security practices, your team’s information is in safe hands.

Seamless, mobile-friendly candidate experience

Candidates can go from applying to clocking in for their first shift all in the palm of their hands.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is document management software?

    Effortlessly collect and store crucial employee documents within Deputy and simplify document management for your team, minimizing paperwork and cost burdens.

  • What are the benefits of using document management software?

    Say goodbye to paperwork headaches: reduce reliance on physical paperwork, leading to a paperless environment. This streamlines document handling processes, saves storage space, and minimizes the environmental impact of paper consumption.

    Keep your documents in one place - a centralized storage for all files and documents. This ensures easy and quick access, eliminating the need to search through multiple physical file cabinets or scattered digital folders.

    Compliance - maintain up-to-date and compliant employee records throughout their tenure.  Automated notifications and reminders ensure that training certifications and licenses remain current and valid.

  • How does document management software work?

    Document management simplifies document handling, offering a range of powerful features:

    • Seamlessly request training certifications and licenses from team members, ensuring compliance

    • Effortlessly send employment contracts and capture digital signatures, expediting the onboarding process

    • Conveniently upload documents to your employees' profiles, keeping records organized and accessible

    • Easily share company documents with your entire team

  • Is document management software suitable for businesses of all sizes?

    Yes, document management software is suitable for businesses of all sizes, ranging from small businesses to large enterprises.

  • Can document management software help with compliance and security?

    Effortlessly maintain up-to-date and compliant employee records throughout their tenure. Automated notifications and reminders guarantee that training certifications and licenses stay current and valid at all times.

  • Can I access and manage documents remotely with document management software?

    Yes! Team members can upload and sign documents on any device.

  • How much does document management cost?

    Document Management will be available as part of the new HR subscription, available to customers in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia, which will be an additional cost of USD$2.00 (local taxes may apply) / AUD$2.50 (excl. GST) / £1.40 (excl. VAT) per user per month on top of your base plan.

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