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With one click, schedule your teams perfectly.

  • Schedule the right people, at the right times
  • Automatically factor in staff availability, training, and spread of hours
  • Keep wage costs within budget
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Automate scheduling and quickly adjust to changes in demand

Automate scheduling to simplify legal compliance and improve efficiency

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Custom scheduling rules

Auto-schedule the right people for every shift

Set priorities like lowest cost, equal spread of hours, or matching your past preferences and our auto-scheduling software will fill your schedule with team members that match your needs.

Stress profiles for auto scheduling

Legal compliance

Compliance safeguards for auto-scheduling

Create scheduling guardrails to help enforce legal requirements, such as minimum rest between shifts or maximum work hours per week. Customize rules to suit your business and our automated scheduling can optimize your team’s roster.

Mobile auto scheduling

Go mobile

Get started quickly on your device of choice

Manage your team’s schedule from anywhere, on any device. Make sure you have the right coverage across the week, handle last-minute shift changes, and keep staff across the latest updates.

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Why use Deputy?

Our software’s power, mobility, and ease-of-use has earned us 355,000 happy customers — who are our greatest advocates. With Deputy, you’re not just saving time and money. You’re finding a better way to do business.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What are the benefits of automated employee scheduling?

    Automated employee scheduling increases workplace efficiency, makes payroll easier, helps organize teams on the fly, and increases scheduling flexibility.

  • What is automated scheduling?

    Automated scheduling, or auto-scheduling, is a way of using artificial intelligence to create an optimal schedule for your staff. It helps remove guesswork and frustration, while also limiting the chances for human error.

  • What is the best automated scheduling system for small businesses?

    There are a number of criteria that can help you decide on the best automated scheduling system for your small business, including user interface, usability, integrations, and cost.

  • How do you set up an automatic shift schedule?

    You'll find that setting up an automatic shift schedule is easy to do in Deputy. Configuring your automatic shift schedule will require a few pieces of initial information (demand signals), such as units you project to sell in a given period and staff count. Once your business demand is set, you'll be able to easily allocate shifts according to a few simple pieces of logic, after which Deputy will auto fill the empty shifts with the most cost effective allotment of employees.

  • Is there a free app for scheduling employees?

    Deputy is the best free app for scheduling employees. Not only is Deputy easy-to-use, our software enables you to schedule the right people at the right times and automatically factors in staff availability.

  • How do I improve my schedule efficiency?

    Improving scheduling efficiency requires automation to avoid time-consuming, repetitive tasks while still considering your bottom line. A scheduling software can take staff availability, demand, and time-off requests into account and build optimal schedules accordingly. When last minute changes are needed, quickly adjust schedules and use in-app communication to save time notifying the team.

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Time tracking with Deputy

Time tracking

Record accurate timesheets for perfect payroll — and check employee attendance in real-time.

employee scheduling with Deputy software

Employee Scheduling

Schedule staff based on demand, availability, and budget. Manage last-minute changes from any device.

icon shift swapping

Shift swapping

Allow employees to swap shifts with suitable team members when something unexpected comes up.

Leave management

Leave management

Manage leave balances and requests with ease. Anywhere, anytime.