Deputy for Enterprise

Intuitive, mobile-first workforce management software, built to scale and seamlessly integrate with connected business systems.

Your end to end workforce management platform

Manage labor workforce operations and reduce costs.

Trusted by 90,000+ companies worldwide

Powerful software tailored to your organization

  • Forecast labor
  • Forecast labor using multiple demand signals

    Accurately forecast labor demand and build AI optimized shift structures using multiple demand signals, including POS and third party data like weather, traffic and movement patterns.

  • Auto-Scheduling
  • Create AI optimized schedules with a single click

    Using Auto-Scheduling, create optimized, legally compliant schedules with a single click. Manage preferences like cost optimisation or equal staff hours to match your scheduling priorities.

  • Timeclock
  • Manage Time & Attendance with biometric Timeclock

    Manage Time & Attendance across every location and any device, with Deputy’s on-site iPad Kiosk providing biometric and geolocation validation for total piece of mind.

  • Mobile
  • Intuitive, best-in-class employee experience

    Simple, intuitive, mobile-first tools that employees love, ensuring high engagement and low change management costs.

  • Custom reporting
  • Custom reporting suite, for complete visibility

    Deputy’s custom analytics engine provides complete visibility over labor requirements and wage costs across your ecosystem.

  • Configurable
  • Complete configurability, for the perfect fit

    Custom roles, permissions and organizational structures ensures Deputy works for your business, no matter the size or complexity.

Personalized support, fast implementation

Our implementation experts ensure Deputy is purpose built to manage the unique complexity of your workforce.

With extensive experience across key industries, including retail, hospitality and manufacturing, our specialists work with you throughout the transformation process to proactively manage risk and limit change costs, whilst ensuring Deputy integrates seamlessly into your connected ecosystem.

Comprehensive compliance management

Fail-safe Compliance

Quickly adapts to FLSA, State and local labor law updates.

360 Business Protection

Full compliance stack helps protect with; Wrongful termination, off-the-clock work, meal & rest breaks, overtime, minimum wage, tip credits/pool, & workers' comp claim

Prepared for Predictable Scheduling

Reduce penalty payments from 7% to less than 1% of all scheduled shifts.

Connect your business with our Open API

Our Open API and extensive network of integration partners provide endless opportunity to build your connected business. And if it doesn’t exist, we’ll build it for you, configured to the requirements of your business.

World class security and data protection

Deputy uses industry leading technology and best-in-class processes to ensure the safety, security and integrity of your data.

  • Encryption
  • Application Security
  • Infrastructure
  • Pen-test
  • Reporting
  • 2 Factor Authentication
  • Single sign on

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Chocolateria San Churro

“We save two admin hours ($25/hr) per store per week on sharing rosters and news. With 50+ stores it’s saving a lot of money, about $130,000 a year.”

Giro Maurici,

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