Streamlining Labor Costs by Helping You Schedule Employees Based on Real Time Sales Data

Deputy + Square working together

Sync & Streamline Sales

Use your real time sales data straight from your square POS to forecast the most efficient employee schedules.

Data Sync Timesheets

When a timesheet is created in Square, it will also create a timesheet within Deputy ready to be exported to payroll.

Sync Employee Data

When a new user is created in Square, it will automatically and seamlessly sync the employee data into Deputy.

See How Good Fortune Soap & Spa did it

Premium Pricing

Perfect for scheduling your staff against sales forecasts from Square, time tracking your employees.



per user / month (local taxes may apply)

All prices are in $USD

Trusted by 200,000+ companies worldwide

Rebecca Gray

Blue Cat Café

“It’s not only easier for me to create & adjust schedules and communicate with my team but I now have greater control into overall business performance.”

Melissa Rudd

Da Vinci’s Donuts

“Our employees enjoy the platform just as much as we do. They love that they faced little to no learning curve, and that they get updates in real-time."

Giro Maurici

San Churro

“Using Deputy, we've saved 2 hours per store per week on sharing rosters. With 50 stores it’s saving the business about $130,000 a year.”


Reduce Wage Costs

Deputy pulls sales data straight from Square into a sales vs wage graph so you schedule the right amount of staff per shift.

Save Time

Deputy and Square automates some of your most time consuming tasks so you can get back to running a successful business.

Build a Happy Team

Keep everyone in the loop with Newsfeed by sharing schedules, messages and provide key updates in real time.

How to connect

Learn how to sync Deputy
with Square in just minutes.