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What is fair workweek?

Fair workweek laws, also referred to as “predictive scheduling” or “secure scheduling”, require more than just early notice of employee schedules — and paying compensation for last-minute changes. Affected businesses in the below jurisdictions have other obligations, such as providing adequate rest between shifts and awarding open shifts to existing part-timers before hiring new staff.

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We keep up to date with Fair workweek

"Our in-house employment attorneys partner with several leading employment law firms in the United States to keep up to date on the evolving fair workweek legal landscape."

Krista Hardwick , Legal Counsel, Deputy

Five ways Deputy helps you stay compliant with fair workweek

Good faith estimate with Deputy

1. Good Faith Estimate

Provide an estimate of work days, times & locations

Before a new team member starts their first shift, provide an estimate of where, when, and how often they’ll work. Issue a digital copy via Deputy, capture employee confirmation, and create an electronic record of compliance.

Advance notice schedule with Deputy

2. Advanced notice of schedules

Give early notice of shifts & minimize predictability pay

Create perfect schedules well in advance and share them with your employees instantly. Plan your team’s shifts based on accurate demand forecasts, publish schedules via web or app, and minimize compensation payments for last-minute changes.

Compensation for changes with Deputy

3. Compensation for changes

When late changes happen, pay the right premiums

Sometimes schedules need to change at short notice — we’ve all been there. When they do, Deputy helps you stay compliant. Our software can record schedule amendments, calculate the required predictability pay, and capture employee consent to the change.

overtime management

4. Rest between shifts

Give staff enough downtime & avoid clopening penalties

Clopening is when employees work a closing and opening shift back to back without enough rest. When you build schedules in Deputy, we’ll alert you when staff are at risk of clopening, calculate the required compensation, and help you find employees who can work the shifts without penalties.

Access available shifts with Deputy

5. Access to hours

Give your current staff first pick of available shifts

When new shifts become available, employers need to give their current part-time staff the opportunity to claim those hours before they hire new team members. That’s straightforward with Deputy News feed: just post a notice for all the suitable employees and create a transparent record of compliance.

Stay on top of federal, state, and local laws in one platform

Deputy provides tools that help you manage other wage and hour laws in tandem with fair workweek.

Meal & rest break compliance

Meal & rest break compliance

Schedule the required meal and rest breaks — and flag breaks that are missed.

Overtime payments

Overtime payments

Receive alerts when staff are at risk of overtime and automate the payment calculations.

Leave management

Leave management

Easily manage different leave entitlements, requests, and balances.

Active attestation

Active attestation

Record employee attestation when unscheduled time is worked or breaks are missed.

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Deputy is at the forefront of helping American retailers, restaurants, fast food franchises, and other hospitality businesses manage fair workweek compliance. Our in-house employment attorneys and legal experts consult with government bodies, leading employment law firms, and business owners to keep our software configured to the latest regulations and employer requirements — even in strict compliance states like California.

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This page only provides a summary. For more details about the specific fair workweek pay rules that Deputy helps solve, visit our help center.