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The smartest way to post jobs, track applicants, and recruit the right people.

Hire the best talent with Deputy Hire
Quickly create job openings with Deputy Hire

Create your next job listing in seconds

Why spend hours writing job ads when Deputy can do the work for you? Use our AI to create job descriptions that are eye-catching, right on target, and ready to go.

Hire the right person with Deputy Hire

Attract the best candidates

In one click, promote your job listing across the world's leading job boards like Indeed. Sign up to Deputy HR and Indeed and you'll receive up to $350 in free job sponsor credits to help advertise new roles.

Video resumes with Deputy Hire

Hire the right person, every time

Find candidates that are a perfect match for your workplace. Tailor your application questions to find people with the right skills and values for the job. And let applicants shine with video questions.

Manage applicants with Deputy Hire

Process applicants so fast they could start tomorrow

Move candidates through the recruitment pipeline with ease. Keep them informed with automatic messages as they progress. Once they're hired, move them straight to onboarding. All in one app.

Seamless, mobile-friendly candidate experience

Candidates can go from applying to clocking in for their first shift all in the palm of their hands.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is Deputy Hire?

    Deputy Hire is an end-to-end recruitment solution that allows managers to create job posts, attract and screen candidates, as well as update them via simple text messages.

    Once the hiring is complete, managers can use Deputy’s onboarding feature to collect all the required information and onboard them onto Deputy.

  • How does the hiring process work?

    Hiring managers can set up their business’ career page on Deputy Hire and create job listings that will be displayed on the page. They can then easily share the careers page or job links via URL links or social media posts.

    Candidates can apply easily from any device, answer screening questions and submit an optional video to make their application stand out.

    Hiring managers can then easily screen for exceptional candidates, schedule an interview, make an offer and hire while Deputy keeps the candidate updated on the progress via text messages.

    Once hired, the candidate is seamlessly onboarded and available for their first shift on Deputy!

  • How much does Deputy Hire cost?

    Deputy Hire will be available as part of the new HR subscription which will be an additional cost of AUD$2.50 (excl. GST) /£1.40 (excl. VAT) per user per month on top of your base plan.

  • Does Deputy Hire support job posting to multiple job boards and platforms?

    Deputy Hire supports sharing public company career pages and job listing pages via URL links and through social media posts. Soon, Deputy will integrate with job platforms such as Indeed to help your jobs reach a wider audience.

  • How can Deputy Hire help in screening and shortlisting candidates effectively?

    Deputy Hire is purpose built for the needs of shift workers by focusing on their personality via optional video applications and a mobile friendly application flow.

    Using the video applications, hiring managers can quickly get to know candidate’s before their first interview and easily screen, schedule an interview and move candidates through the application pipeline all from Deputy Hire while keeping candidates updated through text messages.

  • How does Deputy Hire help in applicant tracking?

    Hire gives you a simple interface that allows you to move candidates between stages (such as from New, Shortlisted, Interviewing, Offered, etc) in the hiring pipeline. We also provide customisable SMS updates to quickly notify candidates of their application progress.

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