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Try Deputy Australia’s leave management software here. Manage annual leave & absences all in one app

  • Set up annual leave entitlements with a few clicks
  • Manage absence balances
  • Request & approve leave from any device
  • When staff are absent, find replacements with one tap
Leave Management Software

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Handle employee leave in one simple platform

Manage leave, rosters, and last-minute replacements in one app

Leave management dashboard on Deputy

Central dashboard

A clear picture of leave balances & requests

Manage your team’s leave from one simple dashboard. View different leave types, remaining balances, requests, and booked time off. Deputy also flags when leave balances are low to avoid any surprises.

Leave approvals made simple with Deputy

Availability & rosters

Never schedule staff who aren’t available

Create error-free rosters with Deputy. View when staff are away and when they’re available for shifts. Automatically block leave requests for important dates when you need everyone to be ready to work.

Easily find replacements to cover shifts

Manage absences

Don’t be left short-staffed

If a team member takes sick leave or doesn’t show, find someone to cover their shift with the push of a button. Deputy allows you view staff attendance in real-time, make sure rostered staff are on site, and find replacements without a single phone call or text.

Deputy integrations in Australia

Software Integrations

Connect Deputy with your payroll and HR systems

Save hours on admin, avoid double entry of data, and reduce errors. Easily sync leave balances and pay rates between Deputy and your other systems.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is absence management?

    Absence management usually refers to how a business handles unplanned employee absences, which could be due to sickness, injury, or emergencies. To manage these effectively, a business needs a straightforward system and policies that are understood by both managers and employees.

  • What is leave management?

    Leave management usually refers to how a business handles planned absences, like a team member jetting off to Bali for two weeks. However, depending on the business, it may cover other kinds of leave as well. Leave management can include policies around leave entitlements and how leave is approved, as well as procedures for covering shifts. Leave management software is key for making this process as easy as possible.

  • What is leave management software?

    Leave management software simplifies all the admin that usually comes with employee leave. It saves everyone time and makes the sentence “I’m planning a vacation” less stressful for both managers and staff. Leave management software allows employers to view, edit, and manage their team’s leave, while streamlining their ability to find people who can cover shifts.

  • What types of leave can I manage in Deputy?

    Deputy’s leave management solution comes pre-loaded with the most common types of leave, but you can create custom leave entitlements to match the requirements of any business. If you want, you can set up paid Study Leave for all your casual employees, accruing at one hour for every thirty hours worked. Or you can give a full-time employee four days of paid Puppy Leave when they get a new pet. It’s up to you.

  • Can you set different leave accrual rates?

    Absolutely. Once you set up the leave type, you can customise the accrual rate to suit your needs - and our leave management software handles the calculations to save you the headache.

  • Can employees set regular days they are not available?

    Yes, if a team member cannot work on a certain day or at a certain time, they can easily lodge the details in Deputy via desktop, smartphone, or tablet. Then, when a manager uses Deputy to create their team’s roster in minutes, they can clearly see who is and is not available at that time.

  • Can managers automatically block leave requests for important dates?

    Yes. In Deputy, you can automatically block leave requests or unavailability for certain days. This is handy for busy weeks when you need all hands on deck.

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