Auto-scheduling to save you time

Automatically roster all your staff with a single click.

One-click rostering

Save time, money, and energy without cutting corners. Generate the smartest roster for your business with just one click.

Auto Scheduling Software Australia

Accurate demand planning

Take the guesswork out of building your shift structure. Accurately forecast labour demand using data from multiple demand signals, such as sales, foot traffic, or bookings.

Accurate Labour Demand Planning Software

No more surprises

Use historical and third party* data to forecast the impact of things you can’t control, like the weather or major events. Auto-scheduling ensures you’ll always have the right amount of staff at moments when it matters the most.

*Third party data inputs available on Enterprise plan only.

Automated Scheduling Australia

The right team for every job

Set priorities like lowest cost, shift equality, or matching past preferences and Deputy will fill your roster with the best team to match your needs.

Manage your compliance worries

Customise rostering rules to meet business and compliance requirements. Once you’ve set the right rules for your business, Auto-Scheduling will create optimized rosters every time.

Manage Compliance With Auto Scheduling Software
Sharing the benefits of artificial intelligence
with shift working business.

How it works

How Auto Scheduling Software Works

Sounds amazing but not sure how it would work for your business?