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The leading rostering app for restaurants & hospitality businesses

  • Roster teams in minutes
  • Simplify award compliance
  • Control wage costs and profit margins
  • One platform, designed for shift workers
Introduction to Deputy for Hospitality


Scheduling software for hospitality teams
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“Reduced time spent writing rosters by 93%”

Daniel Sorridimi, co-owner, Blackwood Pantry

Roster staff in minutes

Replace the manual spreadsheets, paperwork, calls and emails

Create efficient rosters for your team without any of the usual hassle. Easily schedule available staff, see how your wage costs compare to your budget, and instantly find last-minute replacements if someone calls in sick.

Blackwood Pantry logo

“Reduced time spent writing rosters by 93%”

Daniel Sorridimi, co-owner, Blackwood Pantry

pay rate

Award updates

Simplify timesheets and Award compliance

Pay with confidence. Record accurate work hours with every shift, simplify award wage calculations and export to payroll with the push of a button.

Try the ultimate rostering app today!

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Team members fill out their details on the go with Deputy New Hire Onboarding

Hire, Onboard and Empower

Level up your HR game. Post jobs in seconds and hire that perfect candidate. Onboard new hires without the mountain of paperwork. Manage all your team’s HR documents in one digital hub.

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Run your teams remotely without missing a thing

Manage rosters, timesheets and team communication anywhere, on any device. Deputy is optimised for iPhone, iPad, Android, and desktop — employees seriously love our app.

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The payoff of using Deputy

Cost savings are critical for cafes, bars, and restaurants. How much could you save with our rostering app?

Up to $211k
Up to $18k
1170 hours

Why use Deputy?

Our software’s power, simplicity, and mobility has earned us 355,000 happy customers — who are our greatest advocates. With Deputy, you’re not just saving time and money. You’re making life easier for your teams and helping them provide better service.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is Restaurant Employee Rostering software?

    Restaurant employee rostering software makes it simpler to manage hourly and salaried employees working in hospitality, including management, servers, bartenders, server assistants, and hosts — as well as kitchen staff. Deputy’s scheduling software helps schedule team members according to their availability, time off, and skills, while giving managers full visibility over wage costs for an efficient schedule.

  • What makes Deputy's rostering software best for hospitality?

    Deputy's rostering software offers a wide range of features to help you run an efficient hospitality business. You can roster each individual area of your restaurant, from Barista to Head Chef, to match highs and lows in demand, easily adjust your staffing to meet your labour budget, and instantly share rosters with your whole team. Deputy can help save hours in admin tasks by automatically rostering your employees with the help of AI-based on factors like staff availability and your budget.

  • Can Deputy help Restaurants & Cafes roster meal and rest breaks?

    Absolutely! Deputy's Break Planning allows you to roster, manage, and record all of your hospitality employees' breaks and break types for each shift.

  • Why do hospitality business owners love Deputy?

    According to our reviews, Deputy wins over hospitality businesses because it’s extremely easy to set up and easy to use. It’s simple to onboard all of your hospitality employees, get up to speed with all the Deputy features, and start saving hours on your employee admin.

  • How can Deputy's rostering software benefit my hospitality business?

    Hours are spent every week on admin tasks like rosters, payroll, and communication. Deputy's rostering software offers a wide range of smart features to help streamline your rostering and timesheets — while giving you visibility over your wage spend so you can control costs.

  • How can Deputy's rostering software reduce labour costs?

    With Deputy's Demand Forecasting, you can plan your staffing to match peaks and valleys in demand and reduce unnecessary costs. Our software also gives you clear visibility over your wage spend and how it compares to your forecasted sales, so you can achieve an ideal labour cost percentage.

  • Will Deputy work with my other systems?

    Absolutely. Our rostering app has been built to function seamlessly with all sorts of accounting, HR, and point of sale software including Xero, Vend, and iPayroll. For a full list of integrations, click here.

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