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Lean on Deputy to keep your teams safe

Deputy delivers simple tools to roster your staff, while making their health and wellbeing a priority.
Adapting to New Ways of Working


Roster teams safely — and with profitability in mind

Roster for fluctuating demand

Customer demand is difficult to predict in these pandemic times. Use Deputy to schedule teams quickly to meet demand changes, whilst easily juggling staff availability. Use simple drag and drop tools, and share updated rosters instantly with your team.

Create rosters to keep the team safe

Roster safely by scheduling your team across different roles or locations, lean on Deputy to avoid overcrowding by staggering employee arrival and finish times.

Reduce the risk of illness

Support your team by creating a leave option for time off to get their vaccination. Deputy can help you to split staff into independent squads, rotate them between different days or weeks to help minimise the risk of illness.

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Roster teams safely — and with profitability in mind

Shift swapping made easy with Deputy app

Create a wellness record now, your future self will thank you

Schedule a pre-shift check in with your team

Protect your team by setting up questions in Deputy that each team member needs to answer before they start their shift. Reduce the chance of staff clocking in for work if they pose a health risk to your team or customers through Deputy alerts.

Report to trace who unwell staff have worked with

Link the dots if someone falls ill

If an employee is unwell or needs to isolate, instantly run a Deputy report to trace and notify all team members they've had contact with, adjust rosters as needed.

Staff can be reminded of important tasks

Ensure your team keep the workplace clean

Staff can be reminded of important tasks like cleaning and hygiene procedures from the Deputy app. These can be managed from a central task dashboard, with managers being notified when tasks have been completed.

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Create a wellness record now, your future self will thank you

Time clock employee health check

An easier way to connect and communicate

Communication with your team using Deputy

Stay in touch with your teams

Keeping in touch with employees is critical, especially in these unusual times. Send your team video updates and posts, all via the Deputy central noticeboard.

Last minute roster changes with Deputy

Last minute roster changes, sorted

Take the stress out of last-minute changes to the roster. When the unexpected pops up, like illness or if a team member needs to isolate, Deputy supports you to find a replacement with one tap — or simply allow staff to swap shifts with suitable team members from the Deputy mobile app.

Track team feedback after each shift

Keep a pulse on the well-being of your team

Keep a pulse on how your team is feeling. As your staff clock off their shift, they can simply rate how they felt and provide feedback. Managers have instant access to this information, so you can take action — keeping your team motivated and engaged.

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An easier way to connect and communicate

All your communication in one place with Deputy software

Record work hours hygienically

A safer way for your team to clock in with Deputy

Reduce unnecessary touch points

Stay healthy with Deputy's Touchless Clock In. When enabled, facial recognition and voice commands allow employees to start and end their shifts and breaks — without touching a screen. A simple, effective step to help prevent the spread of germs and illness.

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Record work hours hygienically

Use Deputy touchless app

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