6 Things Your Waiter Totally Thinks When You Order Brunch

by Sarah Niderost, 3 minutes read
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Sunday — the day of the week that people call “Lazy Sunday,” “Laundry Day,” and sometimes the classic, “Sunday Funday.” However, this specific day is much more than that. Sunday is also “Sunday Brunch Day.”

Groups dining from the hours of 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. will wake up late, invite some friends last minute, and enjoy a nice, relaxed brunch. But for some, enjoying the meal is an event all in itself. It can take days in advance to plan, and it can take hours in line just to be sat at a table.

While you’re enjoying your first sip of an early afternoon latte, or your second mimosa, you may be wondering what your waiter may be imagining as they take your order. Here’s a couple guesses depending on what you’re hungry for.

1.“How many mimosas?”

You may be ordering one per person, or an unlimited supply of this classic combination for your table. And, your waiter will probably think you're just enjoying a casual morning with a group of friends, or they’ve just approached a table that’s ready to start their long day with your restaurant’s most popular special.

2.“A hamburger? For brunch? Are you sure?”

While your wait staff is aware that a hamburger is on the menu, they can’t quite imagine why someone would want to eat one in the morning. If the hamburger has some breakfast-y touches to it, they’re less likely to question your choice. So throw on that egg. Just know that you might get some side glances for your 10 a.m. hamburger with a side of hot coffee.

3.“Did you just order ice water for your dog?”

Outdoor patios are a popular venue for guests to dine and their furry friends to join them. And, some guests bring their furry friends with them as their guests, and even call them their children. While many restaurants will automatically offer water for your dog, asking for ice in their water bowl sets yourself up as a pet owner who also sets a seat for your pet at the dinner table. If you’ve asked to add ice, your waiter might be wondering if they need to add a slice of lemon to your dog’s water bowl too.

4.“Can’t you make this at home?”

Almost every restaurant is known for something, whether it’s a secret ingredient in their eggs benedict, or uniquely flavored mimosa. Though these creative offerings interest you, you play it safe and order oatmeal with sliced banana and berries on top. While you’re thinking how you chose something you’ll know you enjoy, your waiter may be thinking how you could have ordered something people wait in line for. And, instead, you ordered something you can make in less than 10 minutes.

5.“No, that’s still not gluten free.”

If you want to order a menu item that says “whole wheat” in its description, you may want to hold off and not ask your waiter if it’s gluten free. While they would love to serve you an unforgettable dining experience, they don’t want to deliver one that may just make you sick.

6.“Yes, you can speak to my manager.”

Giving you the best food and service is every restaurants’ number one priority. When brunch is a busy time, waiters are often in many stressful situations where a customer isn’t completely satisfied. Though they’re there to serve you, they can’t always do everything that fits every diner’s expectations. And, their manager is always available to help them when they need it.

Cheers to a great meal

Whether you’re going out to brunch for a casual meal or to celebrate the weekend, waiters are there to ensure you are enjoying your food, and happy with the service they delivered. As a manager, it’s your job to make sure your team members are supported during their shifts. Sign up for a free trial of Deputy to support your staff during the busiest hours.

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