9 of the Best Ways People Use a Scheduling App for Non-Work Scheduling

by Katie Sawyer, 3 minutes read
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You’re a pro at scheduling your bar staff. You know how many staff you need, when and where, and what sales you expect.

But what about the rest of your life?

Scheduling tools don’t just mean all work and no play. Read on for nine creative ways people use a scheduling app for non-work scheduling. It just might change your life.

1. Scheduling your kids’ chores

Dishes, laundry, cleanup. If your kids are responsible for chores, try using a scheduling app for a fun, colorful way to identify who needs to do what and when.

Protip: When you use the app, you can tell your kids they can use your phone to check out the schedule. That extra screen time is productive!

2. Scheduling parties

Virtual or not, parties require prep. And often multiple people need to help. From supplying refreshments to building a playlist, use your scheduling app to hand out assignments and deadlines.

3. Tracking video game time

Sometimes calendars just aren’t enough. Use a scheduling app to add up how much time your kids’ are spending on video games. And even build in when they can play and for how long.

4. Shopping trips

Grocery store, hardware store, clothing store. Wherever you need to shop, use your scheduler to assign dates and times for your trips. You can even add notes and requirements as tasks to make sure nothing gets left off the list.

5. Babysitter routine

If you’re a parent, you crave those times of the day when a babysitter helps out. Whether you need some time for a date night, a trip to the store, or even to work, someone else watching your kids is a big help. Use your scheduling app so your babysitter never misses a job.

6. TV time

Your scheduling app can do more than just schedule when someone in your family can watch tv. Maybe you have a family movie night and rotate who picks the movie. Your app can make sure the right people are “scheduled” to pick the movie at all times.

7. Workouts

Whether you’re back in the gym or trying to stay motivated with at-home workout videos, use your scheduling app to keep you on track of your goals. Schedule time — and even your workout instructors — so you never miss a workout.

8. Spring cleaning

When you’re doing a deep clean of your house, it can seem overwhelming. But when you break it down — by room, by category, or even by location — it gets a little easier. Use your scheduling app to identify who will take the lead and keep them on task.

9. Meal prep

Maybe you have taken up a personal challenge of baking all of the recipes in your favorite cookbook. Or maybe you are trying to keep track of all the macros you consume each day. Either way, why not use a scheduling app to keep track and make notes for yourself on your progress.

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