Clearer Insights, Better Cost Visibility With New Scheduling Stats

by Deepesh Banerji, 2 minutes read
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Accurate wage costing is a critical part of being able to run your business to budget. That’s why Deputy is constantly working to improve how you visualize your wage costing, business demand, and labor percentage in Deputy. Read on to find out what’s up — and what will be coming soon to help you make better business decisions.

What’s new?

This release of Daily Percentage summaries brings your new daily snapshot of total hours, wage costs, and labor percentage budgets across the top of the stats panel. With these real-time heartbeat metrics available at a glance,  busy managers can make quick adjustments as they schedule, with the confidence that their week’s wage costing will come in on budget. Use this help article to learn more.

What’s up next?

Deputy is committed to helping make work easier for business owners, managers, and their employees. Here are a few of the other projects in the works.

  • Planned vs. Actual Sales variance. We’re soon introducing new submetrics for sales, providing a clear view of any discrepancies between the sales you had forecasted for your business and what the actual takings for the day were. This important insight can help managers adjust their schedule across the week to improve the accuracy of their planned sales and their scheduled team accordingly.
  • Setting budgets for scheduled hours. We know that for many businesses, setting a budget for the number of hours they need to schedule across the week is a key way to manage costs across the business. With the ability to add daily hour budgets, you can see how your business is tracking to budget both as you schedule, and as worked timesheets are approved, providing managers with the insight and guardrails to make more informed decisions as they create the schedule.
  • Faster loading times. We’re making some big improvements behind the scenes to get the panel loading 5 times faster than before, for even speedier insights.

Also coming soon…

We’re only just getting started when it comes to bringing you better, more informative business performance insights that can help you run a more efficient business. Keep an eye out for new Business Insights with Deputy that will be coming in hot this May 2020.