5 Companies That Totally Rock Their Company Culture

by Katie Sawyer, 3 minutes read
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The best company cultures are authentic, realistic, and engrained in the everyday work of a business’s employees.

But what exactly is company culture? It’s the characteristics, the values, and the way teams behave. It’s their attitudes, their collaboration, and their overall behaviors at work.

Each business has its own company culture. Some are even praised for it. Read on to learn about five companies that totally rock their company culture.


Need new shoes? How about a question about the business? Or even just someone to talk to?

Zappos, an online shoe and clothing retailer, is often praised for its dedication to the best customer service. Even during a global pandemic, Zappos committed to ensuring their phone lines were open and ready for any questions that come their way.

And to deliver that high-class customer service, Zappos knows the secret: Their employees.

“The people that you work with are actually the most important resources in the company,” says Technical Advisor Jeanne Markel. “Getting to know your people both personally and professionally will lead not only to a better environment but to better results for Zappos.”

From creating a memorable onboarding experience to an ongoing effort on driving team happiness, Zappos even includes company culture among it’s four core values.


People team, HR, PoPs. Whatever your business calls the team that focuses on “people,” there’s one thing for sure: That’s a big task. BambooHR takes away a lot of the boring process so other businesses can focus on their people.

And in doing so, BambooHR has worked hard to build their best company culture.

One of BambooHR’s core values is “Enjoy Quality of Life.” Easier said than done, right? BambooHR not only talks the talk, they walk the walk. They encourage a healthy work-life balance so employees can be their full self not only at work, but outside of work doing what they love.

Columbia Sportswear

From jackets to shoes to camping gear, Columbia Sportswear has everything you need to get outside. And to help you enjoy the great outdoors, Columbia Sportswear supports a healthy lifestyle inside, especially when it comes to its people.

The company believes that, among other responsibilities, a corporate responsibility is to empower people.

For example, Columbia Sportswear partnered with HERProject to help improve the lives of women in their supply chain. According to the company, “women represent around 75% of Columbia's global supply chain workforce and we are proud to help support and empower them through HERproject workplace training and enrichment programs.” Through the partnership, roughly 30,000 women working with Columbia finished goods suppliers have received financial literacy or health education training.

Sofar Sounds

Founded with the idea that live music should be enjoyed, appreciated, and celebrated, Sofar Sounds provides small performances to bolster the live and local music community. In more than 300 cities across the world, thousands of strangers gather for their love of music.

And so the team at Sofar Sounds work to deliver what they’re passionate about: music and community.

The culture at Sofar Sounds includes learning and development and access to their community around the world. As they put it, “we’re nothing without one another.”

Imperfect Foods

The saying that you can’t judge a book by its cover goes beyond just books. A banana that’s not quite banana-shaped? An avocado with some bruises? A cucumber that’s yellow? Imperfect Foods is on a mission to eliminate food waste by delivering “imperfect,” but still perfectly good, food to customers.

But they don’t just believe that food can be imperfect. One of their core values is to actually be imperfect — to embrace differences and even celebrate it. According to Imperfect Foods, “We believe what’s different about us is what makes us valuable, and that personal and team growth are fueled by learning from mistakes.”

Build your standout culture

Your employees are at the heart of your company. Keeping them happy and fostering a good culture will not only help reduce turnover — it will help improve productivity and maybe even sales.

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