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In my role at Deputy, no two days are ever the same. That’s because the world of work and workforce management is constantly changing. Mobility and 24/7 access to software tools have changed the workplace considerably and the pace of change has increased over the last 5 years. These advances can have a positive impact on workplace compliance if you are deploying the correct tools in your business.

Regulations mounting: Compliance is critical

There’s more regulatory red tape than ever adding another layer of complexity for businesses of all sizes. Staying up-to-date with HR regulatory issues takes time and focus. In the US, as an owner or manager of a small business, you need to be diligent about current and upcoming compliance legislation on everything from state and federal hiring laws, the minimum wage, and the Affordable Care Act to name but a few. In Australia, compliance around unfair dismissal laws, wage entitlements, and paid parental leave continues to challenge business owners.

With compliance challenges really stacking up, it’s important to be aware of the most common risks so that you’re better prepared and able to deal with them appropriately.

Using  the right tools to properly manage and document interactions with your staff,Keeping accurate time and attendance records and ensuring fair and equitable allocation of hours amongst your staff addresses common areas.

With tools like Deputy, you can manage this heightened level of scrutiny and accountability. Deputy allows you to manage your workforce scheduling, and time and attendance reporting requirements, as well as timesheet approval. Plus integration with payroll means no double-handling and you can be certain that you’re paying your staff correctly.

Focus on employee engagement

Employee engagement is also becoming a big issue for all businesses. All employees, especially those hourly paid workers on the frontline, need to be seen as an asset, not as a cost center.

Research shows that engaged employees are more likely to work better, faster and more safely simply because they care about their company and want to contribute to its success.

So as staff retention becomes more important, you need to use the right tools to understand how to motivate your people. offering flexibility can be key, particularly for employees who have delicate work / life balance needs

Flexibility gives employees the freedom to adjust their work schedules or location to better suit their needs. And it doesn’t have to cost you a cent.

Tools like Deputy, as well as other HR solutions simplify managing a remote team, allowing your staff members to work from home and stay connected to your business.

However, for many businesses, flexibility remains a challenge. The reluctance to offer flexible working arrangements come from the fear of change – despite research showing that workers with flexible hours and locations are more productive, happier and more engaged than their office bound colleagues.

While dealing with this fear can be difficult, becoming better equipped to foster an engaged workforce will reap benefits for  any organization.

Deputy for Apple Watch

Mobility and the ability to get stuff done wherever you are is now a standard requirement in most businesses. The launch of the Apple Watch provided us with a great platform to create an app for Deputy to help business owners and managers get more stuff done.

Providing a very different experience than checking your iPhone or computer, the app allows you to tightly manage your workforce by being able to see at a glance who’s at work, who’s running late, and who’s on a break.

For example, as a business owner, if one of your team members doesn’t turn up for work, you can find a replacement directly from your watch. You can trigger an action to see who’s available to work and send out an open shift. And for this, you haven’t had to open your computer, or look at your phone.

From the Deputy app on Apple Watch you have the ability to keep connected to the pulse of your business with a glance.

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