Our First Ever Customer Survey

by Ashik Ahmed, 3 minutes read
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We have just completed the first ever Deputy customer survey and the results were largely positive.

Our motto is to be open and transparent and to ensure that our product intelligently improves your work world.

As a relatively new company that aims to increase the productivity of our customers, we were interested in how Deputy is being used, and if everyone was happy. Indeed, not long ago we launched our updated platform, version 1.5, and delivered more intuitive features aimed at making the Deputy user experience seamless and engaging.

Hence, we decided it was time to get some honest thoughts from our customers.

The most important metric is, of course, customer satisfaction. The survey reported that 85% of our customers were satisfied with their Deputy experience.

That leaves about 15 percent of our customer base not entirely satisfied. We are working closely with those businesses to work on their issues and bring them into the positive camp.

More enhancements will be made to the Deputy platform as we grow our customer base.

The way Deputy is being used by our customers is fascinating and insightful. About 86 percent use the timesheet approval function, demonstrating that we are reducing administration time and costs, and eliminating the old dinosaur systems of the staff noticeboard and excel.

Second on the features list was work scheduling, which is used by 78 percent. Deputy is streamlining all kinds of business through our easy to use scheduling tool, enabling our system to be embedded into the heart of a company’s workflow.

Feedback delivered to our customer support team shows that businesses have saved a significant amount of time in aligning their workforce, getting the right person allocated to the appropriate task, and efficiently creating work schedules in advance.

Our mission is to make the workflow management task even easier, and as a result, we have dramatically improved the processing speed of our scheduling system.

For example it used to take 12 seconds to copy one day of a work roster to a date in the future.

Now it takes only four seconds for the manager to copy a week of rosters to the next week. A manager can find out who is available to work an upcoming roster within two seconds.

As one respondent said: “It makes running a business stress free as you don’t really have to sit down and figure out your rosters. It’s so easy my little 12 year old brother can do it. Its the best program of its kind and it’s ease of access is out of this world.”

Its great to get feedback of that nature, though we would like to note that we are open to any customer concerns.

The team at Deputy see that closing the communication gap between managers and staff is a major benefit of our platform.

We are seeing many customers use Deputy as a communications platform and we expect this to increase as more businesses become familiar with our system.

Currently a majority of our customers surveyed use the announcements function to keep staff informed of internal developments and important company-wide updates. Our experience is that as more managers become accustomed to using Deputy, and staff engage with its function, our communications tools get used more frequently.

Thanks to those customers that took part in our debut survey. As always, drop us a line if you have any questions.