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by Ashik Ahmed, 2 minutes read
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We’re one of Westpac’s Top 20 Businesses of Tomorrow!

When we started Deputy in 2008, we had a vision, a mission and an inkling that, based on our own experiences, the tools we were building would transform businesses globally.

Fast forward to today and we’ve been selected by Westpac as one of Australia’s top 20 Businesses of Tomorrow awards, a prestigious list of some of the country’s most innovative and entrepreneurial businesses.

Judges noted that Deputy “makes life easier for shift-based employees and their employers” through our easy-to-use, cloud-based mobile app. Whether running a single site or a string of franchises, managers and business owners can develop rosters, create and assign tasks, estimate shift costs and track wages against sales. They can also monitor skills and qualifications to ensure the right person is assigned to the right job. Our app also offers payroll integration and inbuilt workplace awards to ensure that tricky wage compliance issues are taken out of the hands of the business owner.

Our reason for being is to solve the issues facing sixty percent of the working population in the western world — ensuring that they’re paid accurately, that they have transparency on their working schedules, and that they can receive feedback and grow as employees.

The challenge is that many employers are still dealing with issues around rostering, pay and performance using Excel, pen and paper, or with in-house solutions that aren’t handling it very well. What we’ve built runs anything from a small coffee shop to Qantas, but it’s configurable and scalable — and we have a lot of AI capability, so it builds a schedule in full knowledge of the complexities of the specific business and team.

We’re helping to improve the lives of 180 million shift workers globally through technology and we’re only just getting started.

Today, standing shoulder to shoulder with some of the greatest minds in Australian business, I am proud to say we are well and truly on a fast-track to transforming business through technology.

Myself, alongside Deputy’s more than 190 strong teams around the globe are only just getting warmed up. In the coming months, we’ll have several huge team and business developments to announce, we’re looking forward to sharing them with you.

Thanks for your support.

Ashik Ahmed, CEO of Deputy

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