Happy Customers Share Why They Love Shift Workers

by Sarah Niderost, 3 minutes read
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From our favorite local restaurants and grocery stores to our reliable family doctor and dental practice, hourly employees are working hard to keep communities running, businesses thriving, and customers happy.

We recently asked people to tell us about a time a shift worker made their day. Here’s what they shared.

1. Shift workers have a sixth sense

“I swear shift workers have a sixth sense. I remember having a particularly bad day and the barista offered a pastry for free with my coffee. Either I was obviously upset or he could read my mind — I’d like to go with the latter!” - Anna W.

2. They make going to medical appointments enjoyable

“Being a type 1 means I get to deal with a lot of medical staff, like medical assistants and nurses. They are always so comforting and respectful that I actually enjoy going to my appointments now!” - Harrison R.

3. They make grocery shopping a breeze

“A grocery store attendant helped me locate some hard-to-find ingredients for a recipe I was making. The meal was to celebrate getting together with friends that I hadn’t seen in a long time, and I couldn’t have done it without the employee’s help!” - Katie S.

4. They’re the highlight of your morning

“There are so many amazing shift workers, it's hard to focus on just one interaction! Jon from our corporate office cafe stands out to me in particular. On my very first day at Adobe, he struck up a conversation with me and helped me feel extremely welcome and much less nervous about starting a new job. From day 1 on, a highlight of each morning was seeing Jon around and getting to chat with him.” - Michael O.

5. They’re patient

“There are so many examples, and the most recent that comes to mind is from today: I bought a coffee and croissant at Sue’s Gallery Cafe in downtown Saratoga, CA (best coffee and atmosphere in the area, btw) and their card reader was not working for me. The cashier was patient and entered my card deets manually. She was cheery, even though the place was busy and I’m sure she had better things to do with her time. In these times of constrained labor, we all should have some patience with shift workers, who are there to help us.” - Dave Z.

6. They make your day

“Haydee at my local mini-mart makes my day every time I go into the store! She has such infectious positive energy, and I always have the best time comparing our favorite snacks, sharing weekend plans, and chatting about our families.” - Marina P.

7. They’re hard-working

“Any time I've had to go to A&E or use any NHS service, no matter the wait, I know amazing people are working incredibly hard to help every patient under intense pressure. Thank you all. “ - Jon C.

8. They're the backbone of every workplace and community

“Thanks to all the shift workers out there that have literally kept society moving for the last two years — they're the backbone of every workplace and community.” - Mat B.

9. They make you feel welcome

“Dentists freak me out but Shanica at City of Angels dentistry in LA made me feel welcomed!” - Brian K.

10. They’re there for you when you need them

“The healthcare worker who helped me get through a difficult MRI appointment. She held a complete stranger’s hand until it was over! I will never forget that.” Jennifer R.

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