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Picture this, your venue is situated on the edge of the city, as lunch hour hits, the skies open. It's normally bustling on a Thursday lunchtime with your front of house team run off their feet serving the crowds, turning over tables. Today, instead of having the usual number of bums on seats, the orders are bypassing your waitstaff and flowing into the kitchen separately from Uber Eats, DoorDash and Hey You. The front bell over the front door is hardly chiming but the kitchen is busier than ever.

Your chef is starting to look overwhelmed, orders are being missed and tension is rising between FOH & BOH. As you check the takeaway dishes at the pass, you start to notice the cracks in the consistency of what’s being sent out. You look around and begin to worry about the number of drivers waiting for their orders that are due for delivery. Meanwhile, you have too many waitstaff on the floor and it’s unnecessarily eating into your margins.

You know in this day and age that there has to be a better way to predict what the day will bring, long before the craziness hits. On reflection, you realise your processes need improving before your team throws in the towel in frustration.

The good news is, the partnership between Doshii and Deputy has been designed to connect the dots, streamline processes and help you avoid these rainy day mishaps, but more importantly ensure your team love coming to work every day.

With Doshii and Deputy set up in your business, you and your team will be ready for whatever your customers (or the weather) throws at you. 

The power of Deputy x Doshii  

With Deputy and Doshii, we help you simplify a few of your basic but most important processes, such as ordering, rostering and forecasting for the week ahead, just like we did for Big Easy Group.

Doshii helps reduce double-handling, mistakes and speeds up service by automatically receiving online orders to your point-of-sale (POS), then on to the kitchen and your customer with ease. With a wide range of app partners including Uber Eats, Mr Yum, OpenTable and more - Doshii brings them together in one place and makes managing every part of your business simple.

Deputy is known for being Australia’s leading hospitality rostering app, but its superpower is more than just ensuring your team knows when they are meant to be at work.

Deputy has built in tools that help you predict the future & ensure you stick within your profit margins each shift. Deputy also gives you a birdseye view of the team members that are scheduled together for each shift, so you can make sure you have a high performing team rostered for your busiest sittings to improve teamwork, help reduce waste & ensure a great customer experience. Deputy’s in-built weather forecast tool even helps you roster correctly based on the weather (we all know how fickle customers can be when the rain hits).

When you start to apply the power of Deputy and Doshii together, you get something really special. By overlaying your historical POS data from Doshii with your rostering data from Deputy, you can improve your bottom line with reporting that ensures you have the right number of staff rostered on during busy periods and importantly, helps ensure you’re not unnecessarily rostering team members when your customers aren’t around.

“We’re tracking revenue against wages with the Doshii and Deputy integration into Impos, making sure we’re always delivering the best possible customer experience in each of our venues at any one time,” says Alex, co-founder and ops manager at Big Easy Group. 

At Deputy, we love our integration with Doshii because, like Deputy, Doshii was built specifically for hospo businesses to be more successful.  The end result is, happier employees, great customer experience, repeat business and a healthier bottom line. 

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