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LaTouche Pediatrics was established with the aim of providing excellent healthcare in a warm and professional setting. Since 1971, LaTouche has expanded to three locations and 18 providers, serving patients from birth to 22 years of age.

But with those multiple locations and several patients to treat, LaTouche realized they couldn’t operate without finding efficiencies in their process.

“We’re not able to help patients if we’re not able to run a business,” says Chad Jensen, Office Manager at LaTouche Pediatrics.

Keep reading to learn how LaTouche Pediatrics scaled to three locations — and what they learned along the way.

Using reports to streamline tracking

La Touche Pediatrics uses several metrics to monitor their success. For example, they measure patient flow — how many patients each provider sees and they work to keep that at a certain level.

But they also look at things like immunizations.

“We might give 4,000 immunizations a month,” says Chad Jensen. “And each of those immunizations has to have a serum code and admin code which have to match. And then all the other ones have to be a different code. But there’s a chance that a nurse can add the two first initial admin codes and not have enough secondary admin codes or to serum codes and not enough admin.”

LaTouche knew that tallying numbers by hand wasted time and could leave room for errors. That’s why they’ve invested in the right reporting systems.

Chad Jensen says he likes to automate everything through reports. “Our business office used to have to go through 200 vouchers a day and look and make sure and count all those. Now, we use a report that automatically highlights any of those that needed to be done.”

Building processes to maintain consistency

Chad Jensen says that at LaTouche, keeping consistency from location to location is incredibly important. “We have a main office where all the managers work and we also have smaller satellite locations. We make sure that all the staff at the satellite locations have to work at the main location too.”

Chad goes on to say that by having staff work in the main office, they organically build a cohesive culture together.

You can’t grow your clinic without assessing your communication flows — both are intertwined.

Are your staff preoccupied with manual busy work when they could be providing better patient service? Are there missed calls to your patients? Is there miscommunication between you and your team?

From booking appointments to receiving follow-up treatment, streamlining your communication through technology is key to your success.

Focus on quality care

If you’re like LaTouche Pediatrics, one of the benefits of having multiple locations is that you have more opportunities to provide that quality care. “We’re open seven days a week, 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Our motto is that we’re here when you need us,” says Chad. “So we have extended hours and 24/7 nurse triage that we also offer our patients as well. Patients can call us at any time.

For more tips about how to up your productivity and grow your business, download The Practice Manager’s Guide to Increasing Efficiency Across Multiple Locations.

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