How Much Time Can You Save With Employee Scheduling Software?

by Deputy Team, 2 minutes read
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If you’re ready to save time and get back to doing what you really love, consider investing in employee scheduling software.

Every ad you see says you can save time and money. But can you? And by how much?

Try out this scheduling calculator to see how much time and money you could be saving with the right employee scheduling software.

The payoff of using Deputy

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Benefits of employee scheduling software

You know you could be saving time and money with the right employee scheduling software. But how exactly do you do it? Here are just three benefits of employee scheduling software. Implement these, and you’ll see time and money coming back to you.

1. Manage your team digitally

By using the right employee scheduling software, you can save time and money by having your team download the app right to their phone. This allows you to get up and running with no expensive hardware. Everything needed for employees and managers to run their working life is in the palm of their hand.

  • Capture accurate timesheets when employees use geo-location capture to clock-in

  • Get up and running by simply downloading the app and setting up a profile

  • Manage your business and team on the go

2. Keep your team abreast with the latest updates

Give your staff the best way to stay informed, share important messages, and contribute to the workplace conversation. Your team needs to be aligned, so use one digital, central notice board to keep everyone in the loop.

  • Make communication easy when you message individuals or your entire staff with the latest team information

  • Share videos or PDFs to ensure everyone understands your new process and procedures

  • Request a confirmation to ensure staff have read important posts and attachments

3. Allow your staff to swap and claim open shifts

When your staff get sick or held up by the unexpected, you need a quick way to find a replacement. Enable team members to swap shifts among themselves — or allow employees to pick up open shifts that you post.

  • Find last-minute replacements for sick employees in minutes not hours, without needing to do the ring around.

  • Significantly reduce admin time spent finding qualified staff to cover shifts, and make sure no shift is ever left empty.

  • Require manager approval for all shift swaps to ensure the right person fills the slot.

Save time, money, and headaches

Business owners and managers need to make sure they’re spending wisely. The right employee scheduling software frees up your budget and time so you can focus on what really matters.

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