5 Key Resources for Women Owned Businesses

by Sarah Niderost, 3 minutes read
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Over 9 million people are employed by women-owned companies all over the globe, and more than one-third of small businesses are owned by women in the U.S. alone. While these stats show just how much female entrepreneurs are on the rise with success, many report difficulty in developing strong business networks and finding mentors — especially in male-dominated industries.

Women are still struggling to attract the attention of funding sources. But there’s good news. There are many resources to help women succeed in business if you know where to look. Read on for five resources that commit to helping female entrepreneurs and women-owned businesses. 

1. The Mom Project 

The Mom Project seeks to connect professionals with employers who understand that no one should have to choose between family and career. This organization is committed to helping women remain active in the workforce at every stage of their journey while working toward a future where women don’t have to choose between their families and successful careers.

The organization has also built the RISE scholarship program to accelerate equity for moms and women of color. The program provides access to tech certification with an emphasis on the power of community, support, and job placement. And it’s at no cost to its participants. 

2. SCORE for Women Entrepreneurs

SCORE is a non-profit organization that’s mission is to foster small business communities through mentoring and education. They help female entrepreneurs fulfill business ownership goals and offer resources and tools like mentors, networking opportunities, and online classes. SCORE also offers free and confidential business advice. Many of the organization’s mentors are other successful women small business owners. 

3. Project Glimmer

Project Glimmer started as a gift drive for foster youth. It's now a nationwide platform of programs that “inspires a girl's ambition, connects her to a network of peers and mentors, and supplements some of her most basic personal needs.” Project Glimmer also partners with local businesses and corporations to provide career advice and mentorship to their participants.

4. Females in Food

Females in Food is committed to closing gender gaps that exist at the top of the food and beverage industry. This organization assists in accelerating careers and connecting women with female-forward companies. Females in Food is very community-focused, providing connection, resources, and opportunities in the hospitality industry.

They even use data to build better workplaces for women by offering employer reviews by women, for women.

5. UN Women Relief for Ukrainian Women and Girls

Over 600,000 Ukrainians fled their homes and sought refuge in neighboring countries — many of whom are women and girls. This fund aims to support Ukraine’s people, especially its women and girls, who had to separate from loved ones, flee their country, or stayed to provide humanitarian support in dangerous circumstances. 

UN Women is working closely with women’s civil society organizations, the UN Resident Coordinator, and the UN Country Team. 

Join a community of other women-owned organizations (like yours)

Women face many challenges in supporting and growing their businesses. But with the right resources, financing, mentoring, and network, they can set them up for success. 

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