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This is a guest post by Yana Abad, Studio Manager at F45 in the Philippines. Yana studied Sports Science at school and has combined her love of sports and wellness into her career.

At F45, it’s not just about the gym — it’s about the community.

When the lockdown started in March 2020 that sense of family was even stronger. We have 200 members in our studio. Our team called them, one by one, to check in on how they were doing and coping with the new restrictions.

Tensions and stress are already high for some people, and COVID-19 made that even worse. Our way to prioritize mental health was to do everything we could to make sure our staff and our members feel like we’re in this together. It was important to us that we connect with each and everyone so they don’t feel alone.

Switching to workout virtually at home was a change, but it gave everyone a sense of normalcy and accomplishment. Anytime there is a big barrier, like a lockdown, keeping physically active and staying healthy is important. So we launched our F45 Challenge — a 45-day challenge that helps our members keep track of their workouts and nutrition. It was a way to help our community bounce back from the anxiety that the pandemic caused. From F45 sessions to nutrition advice to rest and recovery, we did our best to help them reach their goals.

For any business aiming to make mental health a priority, or anyone who needs a few tips to recharge, here are some simple things to add to your routine.


Make an effort to move. That can be walking every day, cleaning your room, going for a run, or joining a class. You have to move, in whatever way you can. It’s important that you make time for it. Engaging in any kind of physical activity can help boost your mood.


A part of the physical aspect of wellness that people forget about is stretching and recovery. Physical activity can be exhausting for your body, so you also need to make space to recover. Rest is just as productive as being in motion.


Devote time to acknowledge what you’re feeling. Listen to your mind and body. Getting fresh air or journaling can be great ways to slow down and let the feelings sink in. In this way, you are able to declutter what’s on your mind and will allow you to have enough headspace and energy to reach out to others.


Check in on your friends, talk to your community, spend time with family. Hosting virtual game nights and coffee catch-ups are some of the fun examples to keep in touch with your friends and colleagues, most especially in this time of the pandemic. Share your positive experiences and energy.

The pandemic has put a lot of strain on various aspects of our lives. A way to manage the pressures that this global crisis has brought us is by keeping movement, rest, realignment, and connections in our practice. So that through it all, we can come back stronger.

If you want to sign up for a class or learn more about our programs, you can check out F45 for more information.

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