New starters? Here’s how to make onboarding training simple

by Caity Wynn, 3 minutes read
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As any manager or team lead knows, onboarding is the most important training in your business. Not only does it introduce your new hire to your company’s policies, expectations and their responsibilities, it also allows your new team member to quickly adapt and understand their role so that they feel engaged and valued.

If done in the right way, onboarding can improve your:

  • New hire retention rate

  • New hire performance

  • Overall team culture

  • Customer satisfaction

That’s why we’ve partnered with EdApp to bring you a seamless employee training onboarding integration where you can easily track your new hire’s progress and manage your roster to ensure each team member is properly trained before they interact with your customers.

The best part? The integration can be set up and deployed in minutes. It’s that easy.

Set new starters up for success

Using EdApp and Deputy, you can make sure that new starters are not able to be rostered until they have completed your onboarding training. When you create a new employee in Deputy, they can be automatically invited to join EdApp to complete required training on their smartphone before their start date. There’s also the option to set courses as prerequisites before employees can be scheduled for shifts so you can be sure your entire team is compliant before their first shift.

Cut your admin time in half

As an integrated platform, all of your published training courses will automatically display in Deputy so you can easily assign them to your new hires. Once your new hire has completed their training in EdApp, completed records are automatically sent to Deputy so you can be sure that your new hires have completed their onboarding before they clock in.

Easy onboarding, from anywhere

Training doesn’t need to feel like a checklist. Since EdApp is built for mobile, it gives your new hires the ultimate freedom and flexibility to complete their onboarding when it’s convenient for them. Plus, the app uses native smartphone elements like swipes, drag and drop, and match to make onboarding feel more like a game – not work. This can make even policy-based training more interactive and engaging for your new hires!

So, what does this integration look like in practice?

We worked with the team at The Grounds to create a centralized employee onboarding process from their Deputy account, using the EdApp integration.

The Grounds is an iconic hospitality group based in Sydney, Australia. With 7 venues serving hundreds of customers daily, they needed to find an onboarding solution to support their growing team of 350+ shift workers. Watch the video below to learn how The Grounds uses the Deputy-EdApp integration to easily create and allocate training, schedule shift workers, manage roster changes, and streamline payroll in half the admin time.

Learn more about how The Grounds uses EdApp to onboard and train its shift workers.

Set up your new employee onboarding in 3 clicks

At Deputy, we’re strong believers in making emerging technologies accessible to all businesses and their employees – and so are our friends at EdApp.

EdApp offers an all-in-one course creation tool, course library, learning management system, and learners app – all for free. For teams who need more advanced features, they offer pay-per-user plans under $2.95 so any costs are easily scalable for smaller teams. Plus, their intuitive platform means that you don’t need an in-house team of experts to create, design, or update your onboarding course.

To get started, simply log in or create a free EdApp account and connect it to Deputy in just three clicks.