Need for Speed

by Ashik Ahmed, 1 minute read
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From the very inception of Deputy, we have always craved the ‘Need for Speed’ in this company. For some it may mean a computer game (or movie) but to us – it’s the very essence of usability and satisfaction when it comes to building great software.

I have been an avid F1 fan for the last 12 years. My co-founder Steve Shelley and Deputy Customer Experience Manager Jake have been racing in number of categories and winning regularly! We have also sponsored many young Australian and international racing stars to start their career including Ben Barker in the Porsche Carrera Cup & James Winslow in the LMP2 Le Mans & Wet’n’wild Bridge to Bridge Ski Race.


Keeping in line with our speed theme, we are rolling out two new speed features for Deputy:

Many of you won’t see any difference in functionality but you will notice the speed improvements. We have always been very fast in our page response times but now we are taking it even further! MemCache hugely improves page load times & WebSockets allows us to keep persistent connections open to deliver data faster.

For example, next time you login to Deputy, you will see how quickly your page updates when somebody starts/stops their shift. It will be almost instantaneous! As opposed to waiting a minute or so for us to ping the server and refresh.

These two technologies will set us up to deliver some awesome updates in the coming months. Stay tuned!