Pay Rates by Area (Gusto)

by Ashik Ahmed, 1 minute read
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Pay for what you get (not who you get)

Do your pay rates depend, not on the person, but on the type of work they do at any given time?

Say you don’t want to set an hourly rate for John, and another for Jane – instead you want to pay $10 per hour in the kitchen and $2 per hour for waiting tables.

This is very easy to implement for Deputy customers who use Gusto payroll.

Deputy and Gusto now allow you you to set pay rates by area – so the same employee can be paid a different rate depending on the area they work in. When we say ‘area’ we mean you can set up Deputy and Gusto to handle different rates for different locations, roles, types of work, clients – whatever suits the way your business works.

Our help article shows exactly how this works, and how to set it up.