The Benefits of Scheduling Software for Small Businesses

by Guest Contributor, 4 minutes read
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This is a guest post from Paperform, which enables businesses to easily create forms that embody your project, share those with your community, and take payments without fuss.

As a small business owner, you’re constantly looking for new and improved ways to speed up your processes and make them more efficient. With ever more digitization and the rise of the cloud, it has never been easier to automate processes.

Arguably one of the most useful processes to automate is scheduling. Still using pen and paper or a spreadsheet? It’s time to switch to scheduling software.

Scheduling software gives businesses the power to electronically schedule things such as appointments, employee work hours, or tasks. Read on to learn more benefits of scheduling software and why you can’t afford to ignore it.

Increases workplace efficiency

One of the main advantages of using scheduling software is that it increases workplace efficiency and improves workplace culture. Creating schedules can be time-consuming for managers, but scheduling software simplifies and speeds up the process.

If scheduling takes you hours — or even days — you’re not alone. And it’s probably a hassle to make schedules far in advance.

With the right scheduling tools., you can schedule shifts in advance and ensure that the correct people are working together. When you have the right people working at the right times, you can see a decrease in mistakes and an increase in productivity.

Scheduling software not only enhances the managers’ experience, but also the staff experience. When your staff have a clear view of their schedule, everyone has transparency so they’re not overworked. And with the right tools, your staff will be able to easily request time off and find a replacement.

Makes payroll easier

Scheduling software is often multifaceted and can offer small businesses many perks. One of these perks is that it can help with payroll activities. Payroll essentially refers to the company paying their employees, and whilst this is an integral business process, it can be time consuming and tricky.

Organizing employee information and pay can be especially challenging if employees are working shifts (especially if unsociable hour pay is involved) or if the team is spread across multiple locations. Scheduling software can help bookkeepers or accountants keep track of which employee has worked which shift and therefore what they are owed. Furthermore, it is possible for scheduling software to remind bookkeepers when pay is due and when they should begin organizing the process.

In order to make paying employees as easy as possible, choose the right scheduling software. One hint is to find a solution that offers integrations with a variety of major payroll applications, such as:

  • Myob

  • Xero

  • Quickbooks

  • Cloud payroll

Organize teams on the go

Small business owners often have the issue that they need to be everywhere all at once, and they never really get time off. Ensuring everything is running smoothly at all times is no easy task, but this is where on-the-go scheduling software comes in handy.

Scheduling software that can be used via a mobile app is incredibly helpful, as it enables business owners to quickly deal with any problems that arise, regardless of if they are in the office or not. Some of the main features a scheduling app include are:

  • Share team schedules

  • Fill shifts and shift swapping

  • Keep track of which employees are currently at work (and be aware if anyone is running late)

  • Approve requests

  • Record and send videos

  • Share documents

Using an app is incredibly convenient and prevents issues due to managers or business owners not being aware, or not being able to deal with issues as they arise when they are not in the office.


It is clear that by investing in scheduling software, processes will become more efficient which is likely to attract more customers. The ease of using the software and the elimination of wasting employee hours on simple tasks not only improves customer experience but also reduces business costs. Scheduling software can speed up processes and make businesses more productive. This will enable you to grow your small business easily.