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by Sarah Niderost, 3 minutes read
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It's Tuesday and you just finished the first half of your shift. You grab a snack and head to the break room to unwind for the next half hour.

It's your turn to throw on some music, and you know just what to play.

Here are 20 songs that can uplift your mood, boost your productivity, and bring you some peace of mind while you’re in the break room.

Songs for motivation

We Will Rock You - Queen: This bassy tune is sure to amp up your energy and have you getting back to work with a confident attitude.

Lose Yourself - Eminem: Listen to this song to give you a nice rush of adrenaline that’ll have you ready to tackle all of your assigned tasks.

Eye of the Tiger - Survivor: Because it’s almost impossible to find someone who doesn’t feel motivated after they listen to this. Play it during one of your earlier breaks for an extra boost of productivity.

Dancing Queen - ABBA: Even when you’re feeling low, and impatient customers are coming from left and right, you’re still a dancing queen — no matter what.

Born This Way - Lady Gaga: There’s only one you, and being your most authentic self at work is one of the most valuable things you bring to the table.

Good Vibrations - The Beach Boys: For a quick pick me up, this classic is sure to help spread the good vibes throughout your workplace. You might even be motivated to drink a pina colada after your shift if you listen to this.

Survivor - Destiny’s Child: You’re more than going to survive the rest of the workweek. Just two hours until the end of your shift!

Songs for busy days

Manic Monday - The Bangles: Some starts of the week are better than others, and you’re already getting impatient for the weekend. Take a deep breath. It’s just another manic Monday.

The Show Goes On - Lupe Fiasco: It really does. Even when you feel fatigued, and want to quit, all the hard work you’ve done has made you and your business succeed. Don’t give up. Bad days only last 24 hours.

Get it Right - Diplo ft. MØ: This upbeat hit will have you forgetting about what went wrong during the first half of your shift, and have you “getting it right” for the rest of it. And, it has a great bass drop too.

Don’t Start Now - Dua Lipa: Because even when you’re not on top of your game at work, you’re still shining in your own way. Don’t let an angry customer dampen your good mood. You’ve got this.

Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now - McFadden & Whitehead: Listen to this when you have one of your long shifts. It’ll remind you that you’re unstoppable.

Hungry Like the Wolf - Duran Duran: This hit is perfect when you have a sales goal to hit, and the day seems like it’s unending, but you’re ready for it.

Songs for mood-boosting

The Oogum Boogum Song - Brenton Wood: A cheery tune that’s bound to keep your toes tapping all the way until the end of your shift. You also might have it stuck in your head, but that’s okay.

Uptown Funk - Bruno Mars: Play this on days where you feel like your whole team is exhausted. It’s so groovy, you just might want to dance.

The Dreamer - Anderson .Paak feat. Talib Kweli & Timan Family Choir: This song is about how hard work really pays off. Not only does it have wonderful vocals, but its lyrics are relatable, and they’ll inspire you to keep learning and growing in your career.

Wannabe - Spice Girls: If you know this song, you know why it’s here. It’s catchy, it’s energizing, and it takes you back. Don’t be afraid to pretend you’re at a karaoke bar when you’re listening to it during your break. Your coworkers just might join you.

Shut Up and Dance - WALK THE MOON: Use your 30-minute breaks as dance breaks. Not only will it boost your mood, but it can boost your energy too.

Come on Eileen - Dexys Midnight Runner: This upbeat song will uplift anyone who listens to it. Come on, play it already!

Celebration - Kool and The Gang: Turn the volume up on this classic at the end of your shift, and celebrate all the hard work you accomplished.

It’s music to your ears

Literally. Listen to any of these songs during your breaks and let them act as a moment of peace to prepare you for the rest of your shift. Turn up the volume, get motivated to work, and sign up for a free trial of Deputy to learn more about how to streamline your shift.

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