3 Tips to Adapt to the Modern Workforce

by Katie Sawyer, 3 minutes read
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You’ve been doing it for years — spending hours every week creating your staff’s schedule, posting it in the breakroom, and furiously updating throughout the week as employees call in sick.

And while some parts of the country are quick to adopt new technology, you’ve been hesitant. Sure, it takes forever to get your scheduling right. But it’s the way you’ve always done it. Why change something that’s not broken?

But the truth is, the hourly workforce has changed and if you haven’t changed with it, you’re costing yourself big bucks. Here are three tips to help you adapt to the modern workforce — and to stay competitive in the industry.

Modern workforce tip #1: Transition to mobile

You can do everything on your phone. Pay bills, plan vacations, manage bank accounts, even buy a home.

Yet many employers still use complicated Excel spreadsheets or pen and paper to create staff schedules. And those outdated processes result in wasted time and money. In fact, one chocolateria spent nearly $130,000 each year on tedious admin before switching to a dedicated workforce management system with mobile capabilities.

Moving to a streamlined system that you can access on your phone will let you make better business decisions with just a few taps on your phone. A Harvard Business Review study of Gap stores found a more stable scheduling system meant:

  • A 7% increase in sales
  • A 5% increase in productivity
  • Higher return on investment

But mobile tech doesn’t just benefit you — your staff also wins. By using a scheduling software that has a mobile app, employees can check their schedule any time, anywhere.

Modern workforce tip #2: Enable staff to easily swap shifts

When’s the last time someone called in sick and you had to move mountains to find a replacement? Chances are, you can remember at least one instance this week. But new tools take the guesswork out of finding replacement staff.

With the right tools, employees who need to take time off can find a replacement on their own. This gives employees more control over their work, not to mention that it saves you time and headache.

While you don’t have to do the extra legwork of finding a replacement, you still can have final approval before employees swap shifts.

Look for a workforce management solution that allows:

  • Employees to notify their coworkers of open shifts
  • Staff to search for additional shifts to pick up
  • Employers to approve any new changes in schedules

Modern workforce tip #3: Streamline leave management

Whether you manage a small cafe with 10 employees or a large store with 100 employees, keeping track of time-off and vacation requests is challenging.

Luckily, you can save yourself a migraine when you streamline your leave management. New technology allows employees to easily submit time-off requests which managers can approve or decline. All requests can take place digitally, which means faster responses with better tracking and record keeping.

Love your business

When you’ve been spending your whole day stressing about finding replacement staff or ensuring your team gets paid correctly, you forget why you do what you do. See how modern technology like Deputy can save you time, money, and stress — and help you love your business again.