CashD integration with Deputy

On-demand pay at your fingertips with CashD

Benefits & Features
In a few clicks, CashD integrates with your payroll system and Deputy to provide your employees with access to a portion of their accrued pay, any day at any time, paid directly into their bank account.

All these benefits support your company as it grows into an employer of choice.
  • Quick Set Up – Once onboarded, the worker simply downloads the CashD app from the Google play or Apple iOS store, log in and they are ready to go. They will see their accrued earnings for that pay cycle in the app.
  • No Loans - Supporting full time, part time, flexible workers, and contractors CashD is not a loan and there are no credit checks or interest deducted in the fees. The company is in full control of the fees and can choose how they are charged.
  • Employee Engagement – Offering on-demand pay has potential benefits including increased retention of workers and attracting workers fast in your recruitment process. Reduction in requests for pay advances and employees utilising payday lenders.
Seamless integration, valuable time savings
  • Enable Real Time Wallets – Empowering your workers to choose how and when they get paid can support their wellbeing and financial resilience leading to increased retention and positive workers.
  • Automated Deduction File – With the CashD integration, there is no need to manually run a deduction file increasing security and accuracy for your pay run.
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