Deputy’s Rewards for Interpreting Awards

Junaid Ashraf

Junaid Ashraf

Customer Implementations Specialist

November 10, 2016

Deputy’s Rewards for Interpreting Awards

Junaid Ashraf, Customer Implementations Specialist
November 10, 2016

In today’s ecosystem where apps are streamlining business processes further everyday, payroll still suffers the burden of being a banal, back-office affair, affecting the engagement levels of staff members, and by extension the business itself.

It’s something that is highly critical and requires great attention to detail, especially with the complexity of the various industry awards existing today.

Take the Hospitality Industry General Award (HIGA for short) for example. Not only are employees entitled to receive different pay-rates for working different days of the week, they are to be paid differently on specific times of the day. You’ve got one base rate which applies on weekdays, a rate for Saturdays, and separate rates for Sundays and Public Holidays. On top of that, there are set loaded rates which apply when staff work after 7 pm, or after midnight.

In such a scenario, having to break down each employee’s timesheet hours over the entire pay-cycle is a far cry from being a walk in the park. What if your pay-cycle is monthly and you’ve got a whole month’s worth of timesheets to process? What if you manage a hundred employees? Sounds pretty daunting.

A world where these convoluted endeavours can be whittled down to a few simple steps seems like the stuff of dreams – or does it?
Enter Deputy *Cue superhero movie score here*

Deputy’s full award interpretation capability with Xero offers unprecedented flexibility. It is a seamless framework that facilitates coherence and clarity in managing your payroll.

In short, Deputy automatically calculates the different conditions of an award to pay your employees, saving you time and more importantly a huge headache.

Award interpretation allows you to:

  • Pay certain rates for certain days of the week
  • Pay certain rates for certain times of the day
  • Pay a maximum or minimum number of hours worked – especially handy for allowances
  • Track daily and weekly overtime hours
  • Pay certain rates if staff are working in certain locations or departments

So imagine that processing your payroll is a slow ballroom waltz, Deputy’s award interpretation would then be the adrenaline shot that completely transforms that waltz into a gritty, in-your-face 80’s rock hit. With huge, thumping drums and screaming guitar fills. But that’s just me.

Here’s how it works: The pay-rates are created in Xero using Deputy’s unique award interpretation syntax. This is then reflected in Deputy when you approve your staff’s timesheets, showing you a full breakdown of worked hours and wage costs.


Example of pay-rates set up with syntax in Xero

Remember the HIGA award we mentioned earlier? You can create all of its pay conditions using Deputy’s syntax in no time and get started on paying your employees, saving you countless administration hours and all of the pesky overhead costs.

Don’t worry though, you’re not going to be left with a cliffhanger here. You can find out exactly how you can set this all up step-by-step for your business. Have a quick look at this help guide to get started – and you will never have to look back. If you do, we’re always here to lend a helping hand.

Deputy is proud to be the Xero Add on Partner of the Year for 2015


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