The 2020 Shiftwork Trends Managers Have Been Ignoring — But Shouldn’t

by Katie Sawyer, 3 minutes read
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Managers of shift workers are busy. They’re creating schedules, trying to get their team paid correctly, and looking at labor costs. Sure, they want to make sure their team is happy, but where’s the time? And what do shift workers even want? Read on to see what shift work trends managers have been ignoring — and why they shouldn't.

According to a survey of more than 1,400 shift works around the world, the vast majority of workers — 96% — like some part of their job. On top of that, more than a quarter say they don’t have any dislikes for shift work. This is a big win for managers because they’re already starting on a high note. But if managers don’t know exactly what drives their employees, they won’t know how to keep their staff happy.

While the majority of shift workers say they don’t have any dislikes, there are a few topics that float to the top for workers who do have complaints. The number one issue for Australians is less job security (41%), whereas the top issue for the United Kingdom and the United States is low pay (37% and 38%).

Although most shift workers say they like some part of their job, there’s one big takeaway for managers. Shift workers want more cache. Nearly all shift workers — 96% — believe that shift workers deserve more respect. Additionally, 82% think that they could be a better employee if their organization communicated and told them more about what’s going on.

Transparency, respect, and flexibility go a long way in the shift work business.

Make your employees your top priority

Now more than ever, it's essential to give staff tools that make their jobs easier, help them balance their schedule with their personal life, and make them feel valued by the business. Here are three tips to help you make your team feel supported.

  • Build schedules that meet the needs of your employees. Allow your employees to trade shifts, with your approval, so they get the flexibility they want and you’re not left scrambling to find replacements at the last minute.

  • Ensure accurate pay for your team. Automate your payroll processes by using payroll processing software. Then integrate your payroll software and your workforce management software so your staff is always paid correctly.

  • Connect your team. Some of your team may be remote, some may be isolating, and, because of squad schedules, some may never see each other anymore. Share experiences to remind each other of the impact they make on your business and your customer’s lives.

Be a trendsetter — and a better boss

Trends aren’t just about stocking the shelves with the latest buzz-worthy beers or throwing up an Instagram post. Trends are also helpful checkpoints for managers to keep tabs on what’s going to help their team and drive their business.

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