4 Tips For Better Time Management

Craig Harris

Craig Harris

Chief Operating Officer

November 24, 2017

4 Tips For Better Time Management

Craig Harris, Chief Operating Officer
November 24, 2017

You’ve heard the saying, work smarter not harder, but sometimes it’s easier said than done. Here’s our top tips to help busy managers and business owners make the most of their time and improve their efficiency.

Plan schedules not to-do lists

Millionaires and HBR agree that to-do lists don’t work. To-do lists don’t account for a person’s time and they don’t help you distinguish what’s urgent from what’s not urgent. Schedules and time blocking are a much more effective alternative.

Time blocking is the process of organising your day into time slots, rather than using a list to complete tasks. For example, instead of checking your emails every 15-minutes, you can devote certain periods of your day to checking your inbox. Besides batching the task, it also means you stop being interrupted by the ‘ping’ of another message and can focus more fully on what you’re doing in that moment.


Strong leaders know how to delegate. They recognise that they can’t do everything and they know the importance of building a team of capable thinkers and doers.

Unfortunately, some managers struggle with delegation. To make delegating easier, we suggest:

  • Playing to your team member’s strengths
  • Include full instructions and expectations
  • Make it a win-win scenario – your load will reduce while your staff add to their skillset
  • Learn to let go control and trust your team
  • Get feedback and learn how the process can be improved for the future

Besides freeing your time, delegation offers many other benefits, including:

  • Your team feels more empowered
  • People learn new skills
  • You lessen your load and your team becomes more efficient
  • Greater team flexibility
  • A stronger culture of trust in your organisation
  • Your increased free time means you can focus more on strategy and business development

Deputy makes it easy to create and assign tasks to your team members. You’ll even be notified of when a task is completed, which makes it easier to reward your top performers.

Use software to manage and automate processes

Having one software system to manage and automate all of your processes mean faster on-boarding times for new staff, and less complications for existing staff because everything is in one, easy to access place.

Deputy lets you connect and integrate a range of business solution software, including accounting, cloud storage, practice management and more. This means you free up your time and everyone enjoys a seamless ecosystem of applications and services, enabling end-to-end business solutions designed for your business.

Have a contingency plan

A good business plan will include a good contingency plan in the event that something might disrupt normal business operations.

Things like natural disasters, power outages, or even sabotage and cyber attacks can wreak havoc on your business – costing you valuable time and money. Using a secure system, such can help to protect you from these potential risks.

Deputy offers comprehensive security features to help manage and protect your data. Our security features include:

  • 256 bit SSL encryption, the same level of encryption used by online banks
  • Multi layer application security
  • Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure, which is highly scalable and backed by Amazon’s 99.99% uptime service level agreements
  • Whitehat testing
  • Best practice active monitoring

Are you looking for help to set up digital processes? Find out how Deputy can make your life easier so you can get you back to loving your business again.

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