8 Tips To Quickly Improve Employee Morale

by Sarah Niderost, 3 minutes read
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Your star sales associate has continuously shown you some of the best customer service you’ve seen in all of your retail experience. They’re patient, calm, and can answer almost any question about your products.

But instead of consistently going the extra mile like usual, they seem to just do the bare minimum lately.

You don’t want employees that just show up to get their job done and go home. Read on for eight easy, yet powerful ways to improve your team’s morale.

1. Lead with transparency

Every single one of your staff members contributes to your business’s success. If you have any new business insights or important updates, make them public within your workplace. Your transparency can build trust and motivate your team.

Set up a monthly meeting to share any insightful updates. If you just have a quick update, use your workplace’s communication platform and write a quick paragraph letting your employees know what’s happening with admin before they clock into their next shift.

2. Always have opportunities to grow

Show your support by giving your staff room to learn and grow in their roles. For example, you can create a mentorship program for people who want to learn how to be a manager. Or bring in speakers for a monthly brown bag during breaks.

The more growth opportunities you offer, the more successes you’ll see in both your team and your business. Not only will you help build your employees’ careers, but you’ll also improve their outlook on their time at work.

3. Have a themed day

If you notice that a lot of your staff has seemed stressed lately, have some fun at your shop. Whether you pick a day where everyone’s dressed as their favorite sports player or wearing a funky hat, this easy morale booster is sure to spark up some of your team’s creativity.

Protip: Post on your social media accounts to get your customers excited about it. Your customer’s participation can be an added bonus and help your staff get in the spirit.

4. Use the right tools

While digital tools are better than printing a ton of spreadsheets and task lists, using too many platforms can make it complicated for your staff. Instead of using an app for every admin job, use an all-in-one platform that streamlines how your staff get scheduled, clock in to work, and communicate with each other. They’ll be happier knowing they don’t have to log on to numerous accounts, and can simply clock in to one for their shifts.

5. Give your employees recognition

Employee recognition and appreciation are linked to not only better morale, but it can also reduce high staff turnover and motivate staff to continue great work. Employee appreciation can be as simple as recognizing a barista for serving their 100th customer or throwing a teamwide celebration for doubling revenue in just six months.

6. Practice active listening

The constructive feedback you give your team has been insightful for them. You’ve seen them implement it in their work and now they’re excelling in their role because they had you to guide them. But what’s next?

Ask your team for feedback so you can be an even better manager in return. It will let them know that you’re listening to them and want to grow with them at work.

Protip: Keep a list of the feedback you receive and review it regularly with your team on the progress you’re making.

7. Promote diversity

If you make diversity a priority at your workplace, you’re offering a variety of ideas, perspectives, and learning opportunities too. Implement more initiatives to build an inclusive team.

For example, you can provide sensitivity training to every new staff member you onboard. When your team feels that you have a diverse and inclusive workplace, they’ll feel better valued and motivated to work hard.

8. Foster collaboration

Everyone you hired is at your business for similar reasons. Some need to pay for college, some need to support their households, and some want to grow in their blossoming careers.

Remind them of that, and you’ve just started to foster collaboration at the workplace. When each team member is working toward something similar, they have much more in common than just how many lattes they made that day.

Elevate your workplace

You juggle a lot of tasks every day as a manager, but don’t lose sight of what’s most important: your team. When you’re supporting them and encouraging them to grow, you’re creating a workplace where everyone feels recognized, welcomed, and most importantly, happy.

Want to learn more about how you can improve employee morale and boost productivity? Download the Manager’s Guide to Work-Life Balance.

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