A Workforce Management Upgrade: Why We’re Staking Our Claim in North America

by Deputy Team, 3 minutes read
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Our customers are definitely our #1 priority. It’s always exciting to see how our technology is revolutionizing the way they operate. In fact, we’re now helping 25,000 customers worldwide better manage their teams in the digital age. Many are located right here in the U.S., and represent unique brands, like GiGi’s Cupcakes, the Blue Cat Café, and Hi-Rez Studios. We’re pumped to be supporting this passionate ecosystem from our new North American headquarters in Atlanta.

From hospitals, urgent care clinics, and law firms to construction companies, restaurant chains, and retail stores, we’re also thrilled to be here to help business owners, not just in the U.S., but from Canada to Mexico to South America and beyond simplify scheduling, timesheets, tasking, and communication. Here’s why we’ve decided to stake our claim in North America:

Because there is nothing like being on the ground with your customers

Having a team of customer experience specialists, partner managers, business development leaders, and marketing experts on the ground in the United States, on both the East Coast and West Coast (we also have an office in L.A.!), allows us to be closer to our North and South American customers. This, in turn, deepens our understanding of our customers’ pain points and helps us gain greater insight into their business priorities and needs. “Open Communication” is a core value at Deputy. We know the only way to grow is through candid conversations with our partners, our customers, and ourselves. In order to improve upon our product offering and strengthen our organization, we seek to share positive and constructive feedback and collaborate both internally and with our customers and partners.

Because two heads are better than one

You remember the old saying “two heads are better than one”? This figure of speech still stands true today at Deputy.  We’re in the business of reinventing and transforming the way business owners operate, so working with other companies who are trying to do the same, like Apple, QuickBooks, ADP, Xero, DropBox, and AirWatch, is a great way to get us thinking bigger and better. Our bi-coastal operations in North America allow us to better collaborate with the brightest minds in the tech epicenters located throughout these regions. Great things happen when innovators come together to move businesses forward, and we are excited to accelerate our partnerships with some of the world’s most innovative companies.

Because we want to reinvent workforce management across the globe

Here’s a fun fact: The employment market in the U.S. is comprised of 77.2 million hourly workers over the age of 16, which is almost 60% of the total workforce. This segment alone is growing at a rate of 1 million new workers per year! This market trend has fueled our 500% growth over the last year.

The majority of these workers receive their schedules, which are often unpredictable, by having to physically go into work to view schedules that are still posted on a printed piece of paper to bulletin boards! Deputy was invented to replace these old school processes with digital, more seamless ways to manage and interact with employees. Because Deputy is accessible from employee’s iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, and Android mobile phones, we’re putting workforce management into the pockets of employees and managers across the U.S.

From creating an easier way to build schedules and match employees to open shifts, to the way managers and employees communicate and interact, Deputy is driving digital transformation through our customers’ operations and helping them significantly impact their bottom lines – we’re seeing our technology revolutionize the way businesses operate.

This is an exciting time for Deputy, and we’re proud to have a presence in one of the fastest growing nations for entrepreneurs and small businesses. We hope you’ll join us on this journey.

Want to learn more about how we’re reinventing employee management? Try Deputy for free today at Deputy.com or call us at 1-855-6-DEPUTY (855-633-7889).