The 2018 Feature Wrap

by Deputy Team, 6 minutes read
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At Deputy, it’s our mission to help you love your business.

We come to work every day to build a better Deputy, so you can spend less time doing painful admin and more time doing the things you love.

To fulfil this ambition in 2018, we listened to a lot of great feedback from our customers, and spent the last 12 months hard at work building new features to meet the evolving needs of your business, as well as making enhancements to existing features you know and love.

We also know that you’re busy and don’t always have time to keep up with the latest news at Deputy. So to make sure you’re aware of everything new and exciting, we’ve rounded up our favourite releases of 2018 to get you jingling into the new year!

1. Dashboard-ing through the snow

We started the year off by revamping the Me tab with an all new Dashboard, to bring all your important notifications in to one place.

The Deputy Dashboard provides a quick snapshot of what’s going on in your business, separated into what in particular needs attention. This includes unconfirmed shifts and unavailabilities, approval for shift swaps and leave requests, as well as anything else happening that day, like who’s running late, who’s on leave or who’s having a birthday.

Learn more about the Dashboard.


2. The all-star gift: Auto-Scheduling

The feature that made news headlines, Auto-Scheduling has been a game changer for employee scheduling.

Using the powers of Artificial Intelligence, this futuristic feature allows you to create the best schedule for your business with a single click, saving you time, money and effort.

This super feature is made up of two unique functions working perfectly in sync (but which can be used independently if you prefer):

  • Auto-Build – Using data from your unique demand signals and your Required Staff recipes, Auto-Build will create the optimum shift structure.

  • Auto-Fill – Based on your scheduling priorities, clicking this little button will fill your empty schedule template with the best person for every shift.

When they come together, Auto-Scheduling codifies your tribal knowledge and empowers managers to create the best schedule every time – and all with a single click.

Learn more about Auto Scheduling.

auto-scheduling-gif (1)

3. Now supporting multiple languages – Joyeux Noel!

Multi-lingual team? No problemo! We introduced a whole bunch of new languages to our mobile and iPad Kiosk apps.

From our diverse workplace to yours, we know what a difference it can make to be able to run in your own language – which is why we now support French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Japanese, Korean and Chinese (Simplified & Modern) on these devices.

Learn more about our language options.


4. The Break Planning bonbon

Allocating the correct breaks for each employee while also ensuring the right coverage throughout the day can be an endless game of tetris. The solution? Break Planning.

We rolled out Break Planning across all devices to make scheduling, managing and tracking employee breaks a breeze. Especially for businesses needing to comply with complex break laws, Break Planning is the peace of mind you’ve been waiting for when it comes to getting breaks right.

Learn more about Break Planning.


5. Walking in a (w)integrations wonderland

Holidays are much easier when everyone is talking to each other, which is why we’ve introduced no fewer than ELEVEN new or enhanced integrations this year alone! How’s that for a connected app?

  • MYOB Exo Payroll

  • Xero NZ

  • ADP Workforce Now

  • Sequoia

  • Xero UK

  • Sage 50 and Sage 200

  • Talech

  • Lightspeed

  • RedCat

  • Flare HR

See more of our connected solutions.


6. Making a Task Group Checklist, no need to check it twice

We streamlined task management with this merry little update, allowing you to set up a recurring task checklists for your team, so nothing gets missed.

While there are some tasks that must be repeated every day, you’ll only ever need to write your checklist once. Create your unique task list or select from one of our best practice industry procedure lists, allocate it to an area (e.g. Front of House, Manager, Store Room etc), then select the days and times you need the task to repeat. You can even duplicate these task lists across multiple locations, so keeping tasking on track has never been easier!

Learn more about Task Groups.


7. All I want for Christmas is Employee Schedule View

A much anticipated release, we were super excited to offer an updated Employee Schedule View, enabling employees to view personal and team schedules on Web.

While managers have always had the whole picture of scheduling on Web, employees are now also able to view personal and co-worker schedules in the Schedule tab of Deputy. Of course, managers have the ability to set limitations on the amount of detail employees see, and they will never have access to the sensitive stuff like costs, total hours scheduled, business statistics, or view other employees profiles.

Learn more about Employee Schedule View.


8. Holidays? Copy, Paste, Repeat.

Did someone say shortcut? Yes plz! This release makes it easier than ever to copy shifts from day to day, or set to repeat for the week.

If you’ve added a shift that you would like to repeat, all you have to do is click copy on the shift tile (or CTRL / Command + C for the super speedy) then select the day you would like to repeat the shift and select paste (or CTRL  / Command + V). If the shift is the same throughout the whole week, all you need to do is hit Edit, then repeat for the week. It is THAT easy.


9. Android Kiosk (beta version – it’s still in Santa’s workshop)

That’s right, all the great things about Deputy Kiosk on the iPad, will soon be available on any tablet operating Android!

This one’s been a long time in the works, and we’re excited for you to start test driving it. While we’re adding the last few bells and whistles, your team can start clocking in and out (with facial detection for verification) and clocking their meal and rest breaks using the Kiosk app on any Android tablet device.

To start testing Android Kiosk, head over to the Google Playstore and download the Android Kiosk App today.

android kiosk

10. Stocking Stuffers

We’re kind of cheating here as this isn’t one feature so much as it is a bunch of cool little ones – but they were all too good not to include!

More flexibility for your business

  • Unique Code for Location now in 6 characters: Less isn’t always more, especially if you’re overseeing multiple locations. You can now spell out your locations in 6 letters instead of three!

  • Custom Naming: Whether they’re your employees, team mates, or even Santa’s helpers, you can now set the naming term that best describes your crew.

More room to express yourself

  • News Feed Updates: We’ve upped our attachment size limit from 2MB to 10MB AND increased the character limit per post.

  • Express Yourself: Sharpen your emoji game! Emojis are now enabled on iOS and Android for Newsfeed! ????

More improvements for bigger businesses

  • Enhanced performance for multi-location accounts: We did a lot of tinkering behind the scenes so that our big customers who manage a stack of locations can enjoy a faster, better experience on Deputy.


And that’s a wrap! We look forward to a bigger and better than ever 2019 with you all.