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by Brandon Hulme, 3 minutes read
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If you manage a team or run your own business, you know how much better things are when your team is excited and engaged for every shift. A team that feels like they are making a difference and enjoying their work creates a truly energized environment — one that your customers will notice. But keeping your staff at the top of their game is not easy, and there are many factors that impact your team’s morale.

According to the 2022 State Of Shift Work report, an annual survey of thousands of workers in the shift work economy, 86% of employees can identify ways to improve their work environment. Yet, while most shift workers feel supported by their managers, over two-thirds of shift workers still hold back in sharing their opinions at work. Read the full report here.

To help bring better employee feedback and communication to every shift, we are excited to announce Shift Pulse™ - a simple new way to strengthen your team’s voice and boost morale.

Happy staff, happy life

With Shift Pulse™, staff can provide insightful feedback at the end of each shift so you can address any issues — and keep your teams happy and engaged.

“As a business owner, I have a lot going on, and Shift Pulse helps me focus on my team with a quick read on how they are feeling. As I see changes in the shift score, I can reach out to my team, understand what’s going on, and see how I can help. Overall, using this tool has helped start more conversations and kept me more in tune with what is going on with my staff.”

- Vince Rukstalis, owner of Papillion Animal Hospital

When your staff clock out, they can rate how they were feeling. They also have the option to leave an anonymous comment for their manager.

Using the engagement dashboard, managers can see in real-time as shift ratings and comments flow in, and spot trends week over week.

“On days where we have hundreds of customers coming through, the staff ratings and comments help me gauge the schedule coverage and how the team was feeling. Shift Pulse is a really valuable feedback loop for my staff’s workload and to ensure my team feels supported.”

- Brandon Jacobs, Operations Manager at Quarry Park Adventures

Armed with insights into your team’s morale and shift performance, you will be ready to make the next shift better. Look into adjusting staff coverage to lighten the load, updating tasks and procedures for smoother operations, or simply posting a shout-out to the team in the News Feed.

Combining Shift Pulse™ with Deputy’s intuitive mobile apps, you can put the power in your team’s hands. Enable fast, clear communication and make it easy for your team to get shift done.

Get started with Shift Pulse™

Shift Pulse™ is included at no extra charge for Deputy Premium and Enterprise customers. Learn how to turn it on in your account. If you are new to Deputy, start your free trial today and try out Shift Pulse™ at your business.