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As any Venue or Store Manager knows, new hire training is the most important training in your business. Not only does it introduce your new team member to your company’s policies, expectations and their responsibilities, it also allows them to quickly adapt and understand their role so they feel engaged and valued.

If done right, onboarding can improve your:

  • New hire retention rate

  • New hire performance

  • Overall team culture

  • Customer satisfaction

That’s why we’ve partnered with Allara Global an online learning provider for the hospitality and retail industry. This integration provides seamless employee training onboarding and helps ensure your legal obligations are met and operational performance is improved. You can easily track your new hire’s progress and manage your roster to ensure each team member is properly trained before they interact with your customers.

The good news... the integration can be set up and deployed in minutes. It’s that easy.

Give new hires a great first impression

Using Allara Global and Deputy, you can ensure new starters are not able to be rostered until they've completed your onboarding training. When you create a new employee in Deputy, you will be able to connect their details and organisational data from Deputy into Allara Global’s Learning Management System. Your new hire will automatically be invited to complete the required Allara Global training. This smooth experience ensures they are compliant before their first shift.

Streamline onboarding, save admin time

As an integrated platform, all of your published training courses will automatically display in Deputy and they can be automatically assigned to your new hires — ensuring scale, consistency and time savings. Once your new hire has completed their training in Allara Global, their learning history is automatically sent to Deputy and securely stored against their employee profile, so you can be sure that onboarding has been completed and they are ready to be rostered for their first shift.

Convenient online training

Many retail and hospitality professionals work long hours or live out of city centres, making it challenging to attend traditional classroom-based training. Allara Global’s online platform provides flexible learning opportunities that can be accessed at any time and from any location.

Let’s get to The Point!

With five reputable hospitality venues across New South Wales, and over 500 staff, The Point is always looking to maximise efficiency from their tech solutions.

They have been using Deputy for many years for rostering, collection of accurate timesheets which are exported to their payroll system, centralised team communication, and of recent Deputy’s paperless New Hire onboarding

With their vast employee training requirements, they chose Allara Global partly for its neat integration with Deputy. Rebecca Reed, Group HR Director, shares that the tight integration means staff only need to sign in to Deputy to be directed through to their required Allara training. Management and HR have visibility through the integration to view onboarding and training from one platform.

“The integration made it easier for managers to onboard staff into Deputy as it automatically sends the new hire the link to go into Allara Global, and for staff, it’s helpful for them to have only one platform to log in to."

Connecting Allara Global with Deputy helps you stay on the right side of compliance with a seamless onboarding and scheduling experience.

Deputy is trusted by over 330,000 workplaces globally to roster their staff, simplify timesheets, and manage award requirements. Start your free-trial today.

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