Give your millennial workers a better time off with Deputy

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Give your millennial workers a better time off with Deputy

Millennials now represent one in three employees in the workforce. So, if you haven’t already, it’s time you went digital.

They EXPECT to manage their lives on their smartphones, including work tasks, so why not make that easier for them?

Here’s what Deputy’s own Millennials tell us they want from work:

  1. To be their own bosses, with flexible working hours
  2. To be completely connected 24/7
  3. To get continuous feedback and coaching.

Today’s on-demand economy has forced cafes, shops, tax agencies, and even healthcare facilities to use smart technology so they can deliver their services faster, and better. Technology disruptors such as GrubHub and Instacart are taking the service economy to the next level, and business owners must keep up. This means they need a more digital and mobile way to manage daily workflows – including scheduling and managing their staff.

The Challenge: Millennials want to be their own bosses

Workers today want to be their own bosses and manage their work schedules around their personal plans. Whether it is a financial advisor, barista, registered nurse, bartender, or mechanic, this new kind of worker also expects seamless digital experiences in everything they do.

The Opportunity: Deputy Scheduling

Deputy Scheduling helps business owners instantly view and schedule the right employee to do the job from any location using their smartphone or tablet.

No more scrambling to fill shifts last minute or calling multiple employees to support sudden increases in business.

Similarly, employees can use Deputy to pick and choose which shifts they’d like to take on or which shifts they prefer to switch – all from their mobile device. This means employees can be their own bosses and take on extra shifts to save up for their next adventure, schedule their vacation or whenever they want or pick up a second job to pay their student loans.

The Challenge: Millennials need to be completely connected 24/7

Millennial employees expect to have not only their personal lives at their fingertips, but their work lives as well. The idea of a business communicating something as important as weekly schedules, new policies or even new weekly promotions via signs or in-person meetings is just unacceptable for this generation. Why wouldn’t they be able to see all these things announcements straight from the same device that they use to connect with their friends and update their social media feeds?

The Opportunity: Deputy News Feed

Deputy News Feed is available within Deputy’s mobile applications, websites, and kiosk, ensuring your Millennial workforce can be kept updated on everything they need to know about their upcoming shifts, training, office parties, and more – anywhere, any time.

The Challenge: Millennials want  continuous feedback and positive reinforcement

Millennials thrive on continuous feedback. They don’t do well when managers wait to give them feedback in an annual review, as it just seems like an overly formal and antiquated process. In fact, PwC reports that more than half of Millennials value continuous feedback and positive reinforcement in order to achieve rapid career progression.

The Opportunity: Deputy Journaling

Need an easy way to give continuous feedback, positive reinforcement, and coaching to your Millennial team? Deputy Journaling gives each employee their own journal where managers and supervisors can easily leave comments. Deputy then reports on overall journal activity, allowing team leaders to easily recognize top-performing employees. And guess what? This can all be done straight from a smartphone or tablet.

The end result is a happier team of employees and employers who can maintain a healthy work/life balance, all while growing the business together.

Want to learn how you can leverage Deputy to find the right employee to do the job? Try Deputy for free today at or call us at 1-855-6-DEPUTY (855-633-7889).