Introducing Deputy’s Report Builder

by Ashik Ahmed, 2 minutes read
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This is just the beginning.

We have been on a roll lately and released many exciting, new features over the last few weeks.

Just to do a recap :

  1. Salary allocation

  2. Pay by Area

  3. Improved Schedule Printing

  4. Workforce Training Compliance

  5. Multiple Australian Pay Rates (Awards)

  6. Canada & Singapore Pay Rates

And today we are super excited to announce another new feature: Report Builder!

Deputy’s new Report builder allows you to build and extract any data you like from Deputy. To be honest, it is a very ambitious project which will allow unlimited flexibility! We are actually releasing it as “BETA” as we are still not finished with the development and over the coming weeks/months we will embellish it very heavily!

Here is a quick demo of how it works:

As you can see it allows for many many scenarios:

  1. Show me everyone that has taken sick leave in the last 6 months

  2. Whose training qualification is up to date and which ones are expiring soon

  3. Compare everyone’s timesheet with their corresponding schedules. See who is running late!

  4. Who started work before 6AM last week?

  5. Quickly jump to any records

And many many more!

You can also download the data in CSV so you can continue playing with the data yourself. This will allow you to manipulate the data any way you like using Google Sheets (Free), Microsoft Excel or Mac’s Numbers application.

Future Updates:

Over the coming weeks we will be rolling out exciting new updates and functionality.

  • Date filters (E.g. Last week, this month, this quarter etc)

  • Calculation fields (Add two fields, change color of a field)

  • Aggregation fields (e.g. count, average, minimum, maximum etc)

  • Additional Object Types (E.g. Geo Locations, Pay Items, Swaps, Open Shift, Leave Balance, Sales Data)

  • Remove existing limit of 2000 maximum records (Currently we have enforced this limit so you don’t melt your web browser)

  • Automated Emailing of generated reports at your defined times (E.g. on Sunday night email me any shifts that are still Open)

  • Ability to create Graphs & Charts

To keep up to date with all the changes please refer to this help doc. We are very interested to hear your thoughts on what features you would like to see.

At Deputy we believe that “Perfect is Bullsh*t”. We strive for continuous improvement. When you pay for Deputy, you don’t pay for what the software is today only. You pay for all the awesomeness we will keep adding continuously! Keep watching this space, there is a lot more coming 🙂