PTO and Leave Management Tools to Master Healthcare Staff Scheduling

by Chris Cooning, 3 minutes read
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We know that two of the biggest factors to mastering healthcare team scheduling are creating efficient schedules well in advance and easily adapting to last-minute changes.

One of the biggest drivers of change when crafting a clinic’s staff schedule in advance is determining when providers or staff are out on PTO or leave.

So, after a long day, you're sitting down to work out next month's schedule for your team. You're checking emails, texts, and spreadsheets to make sure you have everyone's time off requests — and it's already giving you a headache.

Deputy makes it easier than ever to manage leave and ensure proper schedule coverage with a host of options that give clear visibility around staff availability.

A simple employee experience for requesting leave

Both employees and practice managers are able to view future leave balances — giving a clear picture to both parties of how much time is accrued for a given time period. For practice managers, this makes scheduling decisions accommodating for leave requests easier to approve while maintaining adequate coverage.

When it comes to leave requests, managers and employees can cancel or change their upcoming and already approved requests directly in the app — eliminating back and forth emails between practice managers and/or HR administrative staff.

Employee Leave Management

Deputy allows employees to seamlessly manage their leave and PTO requests from their mobile device while synchronizing communication of changes with the appropriate managers.

A seamless leave approval workflow for managers

Practice Managers can:

  • View all ‘Leave Requests’’ within a view that displays pending leave requests.

  • View who else is on leave during the period requested by the employee.

  • Approve or deny a leave request while viewing how the request will impact the leave balance of the employee.

  • Review and approve all leave requests from a mobile device (iOS and Android)

To further streamline the overall experience of the leave approval process, Deputy gives the option for bulk selecting leave types and days, making it easier to plan clinic staff schedules around an employee taking longer periods of time off for vacation.

Leave Approval Process - Bulk Edit

By providing a clear picture of accrued leave for employees to use and plan organized time outside of work, managers can encourage employees to take time off to help keep a healthy work/life balance.

Three tips for helping employees take their entitled leave

  • Make sure employees are aware of how much annual leave they are entitled to

  • Encourage employees to take leave

  • Find ways to reassign work or trade shifts with other staff members during holiday periods

Taking time off from work enables employees to be more productive and focused at work. Deputy’s PTO and leave management provides tools for practice managers to ensure work/life balance for their employees — and also maintain a staff schedule that ensures proper coverage.

Master healthcare staff scheduling by creating schedules well in advance — and easily adapt to last-minute changes. Sign up for a free trial to see how Deputy can erase your scheduling headache. Already using Deputy? Use the chat bubble at the bottom of the page to reach out with any questions.

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