Training Tips to Take Your Team to the Next Level

by Caity Wynn, 3 minutes read
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Team training may not be a priority for your business right now, but it’s essential for taking your employees to the next level. As a leader in the retail services space, it’s your job to make sure the team is always ‘on’ and constantly improving. To get started, here are some useful tools and techniques for a better workplace – and a more productive team.

  1. Train team members how THEY want to be trained

Different people work better under different circumstances – and the same is true for training. Since you’re likely to be training up team members on the job, there are a few different options that can align with each of their learning styles and preferences.

Interactive training techniques – such as demonstrations, Q&A sessions, quizzes and role-playing scenarios – are designed to keep your employees engaged. And an engaged team is much more receptive to information than if they were, for example, stuck in a classroom writing everything down!

Hands-on training is another winner, and probably the easiest to show employees exactly what they need to do in any given situation. For businesses that offer extracurricular training, e-learning (or online-based learning) is ideal for the tech-savvy generation of workers.

  1. Put together a ‘taskforce’

You can’t do everything yourself otherwise you’d burn out! Consider recruiting some of your more outgoing team members to form a taskforce to help implement your business-improvement practices.

Set up regular meetings where you can share your vision, and even get a brainstorming session going. The result should be a series of goals you can set in motion, and then let your taskforce share – and action – those goals with the rest of the team.

It will not only give your taskforce a sense of pride that you trust them enough to reach your business goals, but it will also reveal who might be perfect to take on a leadership role when the opportunity arises.

  1. Create a useable management system

One way your taskforce could approach other team members is through a purpose-driven management system. This should involve a written framework that can be used to solve a series of problems that may arise in the business. It should also be user-friendly as the culture of the company evolves, and accessible to every employee.

The point is to have a single document that everyone can refer to when it comes to training, problem-solving, managing others, setting and achieving goals, and more.

TIP: Consider putting a version in the cloud as well, with editing abilities for team leaders to keep the system up to date.

  1. Provide the team with online solutions

Most businesses have relatively modern ways of clocking in and out – but there are more intuitive processes that can save you time and money. Online timesheet-tracking software can streamline time and attendance tasks while also making it easier to approve those timesheets and then export them directly to your preferred payroll platform.

But why stop at timesheets? There are solutions for rostering and tasking, and even dedicated communication platforms so you can stay in touch with your team wherever you are in the world.

  1. Invest in ongoing improvement

It might sound like a no-brainer, but it’s worth repeating: investing in your team is always a smart move. In retail, it’s easy to assume that everyone in your team will come and go whenever they feel the time is right – but you might be surprised by how loyal they become once they see you as someone who’s invested in their future.

Continual improvement is a simple trick, but it’s one that can see your business reap rewards for years to come.

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