VaxWorks has transformed their hiring, onboarding and rostering with Deputy 

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At a glance

  • Able to reduce recruitment & onboarding admin by 50%
  • Love using Deputy’s Hire feature to quickly process the best applicants
  • By combining hiring, onboarding, rostering and timesheets in Deputy, they’ve cut the number of tools they need to pay for

The Story

Established in 2013, VaxWorks is helping workplaces across the country stay healthy. 

Their team provides businesses with flu vaccinations, first aid training and CPR courses in a way that is convenient, easy on the wallet and to an extremely high standard.

With a background in nursing, Damian Gray is more than just the Director of VaxWorks: he’s essentially their clinical director as well. 

He makes sure that all their clinical processes are top-notch and that their teams are delivering an extremely high standard of healthcare programs out in the community.

A big part of that is making sure they hire the best clinicians and that they have enough staff on hand before their busy season rolls in.

That makes it essential to have a smooth, seamless process for hiring, onboarding and rostering staff.

The Challenge

As you might guess, a business like VaxWorks sees huge demand for their staff and vaccination services ahead of flu season each year. And during the covid-19 pandemic, that demand went into overdrive.

“We needed to bring on a very large number of staff very quickly,” Damian says. “So we were recruiting dozens of new staff a week, and we needed an application which would allow us to onboard people quickly and also build rosters smoothly.”

During those busy hiring seasons, before they started using Deputy HR, they would spend an average of 20 hours a week just on recruitment admin — and it would take a few weeks to get new staff hired, onboarded and ready to work. 

On top of that, Damian’s team were using several different systems from hiring and onboarding to managing employee contracts, licenses and permits.

“That was painful, not just for me, but particularly for our staff who were never quite sure what was meant to happen and how they were meant to check their details because they were in multiple locations.”

Deputy was already making it easy for VaxWork to roster their teams and record everyone’s timesheets. So when Deputy introduced their HR product, it gave VaxWorks the opportunity to bring seamless hiring, onboarding and document management together in one place — reducing the number of tools they need to pay for.

“In terms of the timesheets, rosters, award interpretation and payroll integration, I knew that Deputy did a good job. So it was not surprising to find that Deputy HR was well done too.”

The Solution

When it’s time to hire new employees, Damian loves that Deputy HR makes it simple to add custom questions to job listings and applicants can submit video answers with their CVs.

This enables VaxWorks to quickly understand which candidates have the right clinical experience — before they even have their first interview — and progress the best applicants fast.

“We get a lot of unsuitable applicants, which we want to screen out quickly. So the fact that they need to be able to answer these questions knowledgeably and the fact that they have to put in a bit of effort really helps.”

“What that does is allows the first interview to be more of a conversation than an interview because they've actually already shown their clinical expertise. We can just get to know them as a person and then decide whether or not we're going to take them to the next stage.”

Damian says that Deputy also makes it easy for new staff to upload their key documents and for employers to import details from other systems.

“It has that flexibility for both uploads by the employee and uploads by the employer, which is important for us…And when everything comes for renewal, it's looked after. We can easily view who is not currently compliant. So we make sure that we let them know.”

Damian adds, “HR processes are a pain. I'd much rather deal with the people than HR processes, and Deputy just takes some of that pain away.”

Damian estimates that Deputy HR reduces their recruitment and onboarding admin by roughly 50%, allowing them to focus on running the business, building relationships with customers and actually enjoying some downtime.

“What it saves is my weekends, my nights. During the day you're often dealing with customers and you're dealing with these HR processes. So you tend to do it after hours. So if I can remove that, then I'm getting family time back. I'm getting times with friends back that I don't often have during that busy time of year.”

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