On-Site Time Clock

Easily capture when your employees start their shift, all from one central location.

Clocking in and out has never been easier

Our time clock app, Kiosk, captures your employees as they start their shifts from your on site iPad or Android tablet

The ultimate way to manage employee breaks

For greater piece of mind on break compliance, Deputy’s Break Planning on Kiosk helps to ensure that employees take the right break, at the right time, and don’t return to their shift early.

The online task management app you've been waiting for.

Make sure nothing get's missed. Kiosk will immediately show your employees the tasks they need to complete during their shift, as soon as they clock in.

*Available iPad Kiosk only

We know internal communication is important.

Make sure all your employees are kept in the loop. Our on site time clock gives management and their team the perfect channel to communicate, collaborate and share important updates all in one place.

*Available iPad Kiosk only

Stop switching between screens

Make workflow interuptions a thing of the past. With our Multi-Tasking feature, employees can clock in and out without closing the Point of Sale screen. Prioritise the app you need most with adjustable screen sizing.

*Available iPad Kiosk only

Hola! 여보세요! Salut! Hello!

Our Multi-Language feature supports 9 of the most common languages, so we can support your diverse team wherever you are in the world.

*Available iPad Kiosk only

Leave management made simple

With the Kiosk App, employees can apply for leave directly, giving managers full visibility over which employees are available when creating the weekly rosters.

*Available iPad Kiosk only

"We've got little prop bins that sit beside each of the time clocks, so when my team clock in with facial recognition, they hold up signs or put funny hats on. If we've got a promotion happening we put little props in that are specific to that event – like Christmas hats! It makes them feel like they’re involved, and it means payroll becomes less of a chore."

Ronelle Reid

Head of Marketing and Customer Experience, RSPCA Queensland

Facial Recognition

Our exclusive recognition technology captures a photo on clock in and out, comparing it to the employee’s display photo.

Kiosk works offline

No internet connection? No problem! Deputy Kiosk will save up to 24 hours of activity until you're back online.

Built for iOS11 & Android 8.0

We're using the very latest technology from Android and Apple to deliver you the fastest, most reliable experience with your On-Site Time Clock.

Trusted by 90,000+ businesses across the globe.