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Boiling Point

Tune in as we turn up the heat on the burning issues facing the hospitality industry in this six-part series, hosted by Anthony Huckstep, in partnership with Deputy
Boiling Point hospitality series

Meet Your Host — Anthony Huckstep

Anthony 'Huck' Huckstep is a renowned food critic, journalist, and host of the Deep in the Weeds podcast series.
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Episodes in this series

Neil Perry

Episode 1

An Industry in Crisis

Neil Perry (OAM) dives into the current skills shortage impacting the recovery of the industry. He shares what small businesses can be doing right now to aid the return of workers to the industry.

Alla Wolf-Tasker

Episode 2

From Bust to Boom

Alla Wolf-Tasker (AM), Culinary Director & Chef at Lake House, talks riding the trade boom post lockdown.

Having won many prestigious awards and being honoured with an Order of Australia for her services to the Tourism and Hospitality industry, Alla needs no introduction. In this episode, she shares her perspective on the impact that the current immigration system is having on the industry, and offers practical suggestions on what you can do to push for change.

Telina Menzies


To the Pub!

As Executive Chef at one of Australia’s largest hospitality groups, and managing 35 venues, Telina Menzies is a force to be reckoned with. In this catch-up with Huck, Telina shares how they’ve retained and found new staff, the importance of building pathways for hospitality to be a career of choice again, and the role that systems and technology can play in the new normal.

Karena Armstrong


Brave New World

Having worked at some of Australia’s most respected restaurants, Karena Armstrong is now co-owner and chef at The Salopian Inn, McLaren Vale.

As a destination restaurant, they’ve faced many challenges over the last couple of years. Karena describes the new appreciation she’s seeing for hospitality, and the valuable changes they’ve made to staff recruitment and training.

Stuart Knox


The Great Revival

Esteemed sommelier and owner of a Sydney CBD wine bar and restaurant, Stuart Knox has endured a tumultuous two years as constant lockdowns and work from home orders caused city foot traffic to disappear overnight.

In this candid catch-up with Huck, Stuart talks about the roadblocks they’re still facing in rebuilding, how they’ve refocused their business, and what the government can do instantly to get the lights back on and breathe life into our central hubs once again.

Luke Mangan


The Secret Ingredient

Luke Mangan (OAM) is one of Australia’s most influential restaurateurs and chefs. Never one to shy away from a new venture, the challenges of COVID and the need to keep staff employed, saw him create a successful home-delivery pie business.

Learning from these experiences, and having a ‘glass is half-full attitude’, in this episode Luke shares a new approach to business… where work-life balance and improved profit margins are both achievable.


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