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Up to 31 days, 24/7 support, no credit card required.
Why integrate with Deputy?


Why integrate with Deputy?

Our API is designed to be completely open and easy to access, making it simple to build your integration. Once you’ve met the requirements and become a technology partner, we’ll promote your integration as part of our ecosystem.

How to become a technology partner

Access our API documentation here and become a technology partner in a few short steps.

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  1. Create an integration
  2. Email our Partner Team at
  3. Provide a video of how the integration works
  4. Provide a step-by-step help guide on the integration, including the data flow in and out of Deputy
  5. Provide a point of contact for any support required by our customers
  6. Provide three testimonials from customers who are using your integration

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Looking for a different way to partner with Deputy?

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Referral partners

Get rewarded when you recommend Deputy to your clients. Earn commission for each new referral and access exclusive resources.

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Reseller partners

Due to a high volume of reseller applications, we are not reviewing new submissions at this time. If you send your contact details to, we’ll notify you as soon as applications reopen.

how to articulate value prop

Our software’s power and ease-of-use has earned us ${workplaces} happy customers — who are our greatest advocates. Deputy simplifies labor management for farmers to free up their time and help them do their best work.