Deputy Essentials Library

Recordings of the four-part training series held every week by Deputy product experts. We take you through all the essentials you need to have your Deputy up and running by the end of the week!

Deputy Essentials 1: Account set-up training

Account Set Up Essentials

Configure the perfect account for your business.

From creating and personalizing your Locations and Areas, to importing your team members, and configuring notifications and bespoke settings, our experts will take you through the best practice set up and use of Deputy.

This session will help you lay the ideal foundation to ensure your Deputy works how you want it to and will scale with you as your business grows.

Deputy Essentials 2: People management training

People Management

Manage employee details to ensure you schedule and pay your staff correctly.

You'll learn how to configure everything from pay rates, including Labor Laws, access levels, permissions, and training tags, all the way through to team communication and engagement.

This session will ensure your team is fully configured and ready to be scheduled.

Deputy Essentials 3: Scheduling masterclass training

Scheduling Masterclass

Master effective and efficient techniques to slash the time you spend scheduling.

A step-by-step tutorial of the basics and beyond. A must for all managers involved in creating and managing schedules in Deputy.

You'll learn how to create, edit, and publish shifts, using templates. Plus, other shortcuts to make scheduling as efficient as possible.

This session will take you from zero to expert in Deputy Scheduling in no time at all.

Deputy Essentials 4: Timesheets and payroll export training

Timesheets & Payroll Export

Track and approve time accurately and export timesheets to payroll.

A thorough journey through managing timesheets on both desktop and mobile. This session includes training on approving, editing, and exporting to a variety of payroll systems.

We'll help you understand the timesheet and payroll process from start to finish, to ensure your team members are paid accurately.

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