8 Ways to Boost Your Staff’s Morale

by Katie Sawyer, 3 minutes read
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If you want your customers to be happy, your staff needs to be happy. Employees with low morale are less productive — and could cost you paying customers.

But when you’re busy trying to coordinate schedules, complete payroll, and revise your business strategy, you don’t have much time to think of how to increase morale.

Thankfully, there are a variety of creative, morale-boosting methods that show you care about your staff’s health and wellbeing. Here are eight tips for turning employee frustration and boredom into joy and productivity.

Staff morale booster #1: Encourage micro-breaks and lunch

Brief work breaks can improve mental productivity by about 13%. Micro-breaks (5-second to 5-minute breaks) from computer screens reduce fatigue by a whopping 50% and eliminate hand, wrist, and arm pain by 11.15%. And after only 90 minutes of work, a 20-minute recharge is needed to get the brain back on track.

Use workforce management software that helps enforce breaks throughout your staff’s shift. Then they can return to work refreshed and ready to work.

Staff morale booster #2: Invite employees to swap shifts

Family emergencies and car issues happen. And when they do, schedules need to be changed. Allowing your staff to exchange shifts with their colleagues not only demonstrates that you’re flexible, but that you want to empower them.

Invite employees to take charge of their schedule, and see how their attitudes improve when they’re on the clock.

Staff morale booster #3: Ask for feedback — and act on it

Whether given in person, via a suggestion box, or through a neutral facilitator – employee feedback strengthens relationships and boosts staff morale.

The employee-manager relationship is one of the top sources of employee satisfaction (or dissatisfaction). One study found that managers alone were responsible for 70% of the deviation in employee engagement. Another study found that managers who received feedback showed 8.9% more profitability.

Encouraging regular, honest communication creates positive feedback loops critical to the success of any relationship. Create a system for positive feedback loops within your organization — it’s a win-win for management and staff morale.

Staff morale booster #4: Cultivate relationships with team building

Team building events have the potential to strengthen bonds amongst colleagues while providing a much-needed break from thinking about work. Plus, playing games prepares them to compromise, solve problems, and work together. It also breaks the ice by bringing a little silliness into the workspace.

Keeping board games in the break room, starting fitness challenges, or inviting staff teams to be in charge of holiday decorations are just a few simple ways to infuse the work environment with collaboration and fun. However, the possibilities for team building are endless.

Staff morale booster #5: Plan staff nights out

Spending time together during off hours encourages and strengthens bonds between employees while they’re at work. Schedule entertaining events, like a baseball game, for employee nights out together.

Even better, provide an employee discount with a partnering venue or arrange a group discount for your staff in advance.

Staff morale booster #6: Provide opportunities for education and growth

Clarifying opportunities to grow within your organization goes a long way in increasing staff morale. Regularly offer staff coaching and training for professional development. Not only will your company benefit from the newly acquired knowledge, but your employees might become motivated to grow within the organization.

When employees view their current position as a step towards their dream career, they will be more productive and enthusiastic about their job.

Staff morale booster #7: Gift cool perks

Providing services, offering discounts, and giving wellness perks demonstrates that you care about your staff’s wellbeing. Perks might be discounts on gym memberships, fitness and wellness apps, subsidizing transportation, free snacks and coffee, childcare deductions, and more.

By helping out with the essentials required to be productive employees, you bolster the relationship with your staff.

Staff morale booster #8: Recognize and thank your staff

One of the best ways to boost your staff’s morale is to give them due credit and recognize their achievements. Relate to your staff as people, rather than employees, and morale strengthens.

Not to worry — award ceremonies or giant wall displays aren’t necessary. Merely meeting an employee in your office to thank him for his efforts demonstrates that his presence is needed and honored.

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